Natural Pet Grooming

For a happy pet with a clean coat try our natural pet grooming products, made with natural, effective ingredients to suit even the most sensitive skin. From soap bars and freshening sprays to natural flea treatments and paw balm, our natural pet grooming products are free from chemical nasties, thanks to Our Better Choices Promise.

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Choosing natural pet grooming supplies that are free from harsh synthetic ingredients is especially helpful for pets with sensitive skin. Skin irritation is one of the most common issues experienced by dogs and other pets can experience it too. Using formulas with healing ingredients like Manuka, Kakadu, Coconut and Cocoa Butter help to soothe irritation, support skin healing and leave their coats soft, clean, and fresh. For nutritional supplements to support their skin health check out our Natural Pet Supplements.

If you’re grooming your pet, you’ll also want to make sure they aren’t left feeling itchy and scratchy with fleas. Natural flea control products work by repelling and deterring parasites with essential oil ingredients like Neem, Citronella and Thyme. They are formulated to be effective yet gentle with nourishing ingredients that smell great too. Plus, by using natural options means you can avoid the toxic ingredients in synthetic flea treatments, which is healthier for the whole family.

For eco-friendly pet grooming options, we have dog wash bars in compostable packaging and don’t forget to check out our biodegradable and compostable Poop Bags too. These are much better for the planet as most dog poo bags break down into microplastics that eventually end up in our waterways.

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