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Dolphin Clinic

Pet Vet Stress Less Oil

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Dolphin Clinic Pet Vet Stress Less Oil, a blend of soothing essential oils that helps to reduce irrational behaviours by calming an animal during stressful situations (transporting, competitions, separation anxiety, etc.).

As the animal becomes familiar with the scent in a reassuring, happy environment, you may then replicate this feeling when your animal is in stress (vet, away from home, etc.) 


  • Ideal support for stressed out animals
  • Can be used during times of travel, competitions and separation
  • Also useful on smaller pets during thunder and lightning or Guy Fawkes


Do not use repetitively for more than four days in a row and check for any skin irritation.

Never use more than the recommended dose or frequency. Do not use essential oils repeatedly for more than 10 consecutive days.  Animals have a better sense of smell than humans.  More is not better.  Essential oils are very potent in their pure form. 

Take into account the size of the animal - generally smaller animals need less essential oils.

Cats are highly sensitive to essential oils as their liver has a very limited ability to metabolise them. We do not recommend essential oil products for use on cats unless in a very diluted form, under professional guidance. Always use in an area where the cat can move away from the smell. Don’t use essential oils directly on their skin without professional advice.

Always consult a professional if you are in any doubt of the severity of the condition or symptoms worsen.

Rub/dab around throat/jaw, behind ears, behind legs

Lavender Hydrosol (Lavendula augustifolia H20).
Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)*
Lavender  (Lavendula augustifolia)*
Neroli (Citrus aurantium)*
Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)*

*Essential Oil

  • Ideal support for stressed out animals
  • Dolphin Clinic Pet Vet Stress Less Oil Review