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If you’re a believer of using purely nature-based products, then you’re probably already aware of the benefits of Dolphin Clinic and their wide range of natural massage oils, premium essential oils and quality aromatherapy products, including oil diffusers.

Dolphin Clinic is a family operated business located in Tauranga, New Zealand with over 25 years experience of producing quality aromatherapy products. Dolphin Clinic sources oils from the very highest quality growers around the world and where possible the same quality growers for the last 25 years. They have a thorough testing process in place, including in-house and independent testing, to ensure you are getting the very best quality pure essential oils. 

The benefits of using therapeutic oils can help enhance any experience: from a soothing, sensual massage to an enlivening, fragrant room. 

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Aromas and smells can invoke vivid memories because your limbic system can link scents to a specific memory. Therefore, just smelling a scent that you associate with a previous relaxing event may be enough to produce a calming effect.

Dolphin Clinic products include unique essential oil blends that are formulated as a helping hand for your daily life. The Tranquil Sleep blend may help with releasing tension or anxiety allowing a deep, restful slumber.  If you’re suffering from a blocked nose then the popular Decongestant Blend may assist with breathing easier. An Electric Vaporiser is a safe and cost effective way to benefit from aromatherapy around your home or work. 

Dolphin Clinic is a Mindful Brand:
Environmentally Sustainable Environmentally Sustainable
Transparent Transparent
Socially Responsible Socially Responsible
Eco Packaging Eco Packaging