Synthetic Preservative Free

Only naturally derived substances are used to sustain the life of the product.

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Both food, supplements and cosmetic products have the potential to contain preservatives, either natural or synthetic.

Preservatives are chemical substances added to products such as food, beverages, drugs and cosmetics that have the ability to slow down the rate of spoilage and extend shelf life. Preservatives protect your food from microbes that may contaminate it or cause it to rot. It can protect you from food poisoning and keep your food and cosmetics looking and smelling fresh and appealing.

Preservatives are classified into 2 classes. Class I are natural preservatives such as sugar, salt, syrups, vinegar, spices, honey and edible oils. And Class II, which are synthetic preservatives, such as benzoate, sorbates, nitrates, sulphites, glutamates and glycerides.

In New Zealand we have standards that ensure a ‘safe’ level of preservative is contained within any one product. Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) regulates the amount of preservative in a product and ensures that foods do not exceed the maximum permitted level (MPL).

By removing processed food from the diet is a sure way to avoid any synthetic preservatives. Choosing fresh food wherever possible with its abundance of nutrients and be sure to read the labels on any processed foods.