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Elite Electrolyte Liquid

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BioTrace Elite Electrolyte Liquid is an exceptional source of electrolytes, minerals and trace elements in a 100% natural, sugar-free concentrate. It enables you to easily and affordably turn your plain water into a convenient sports performance drink that is suitable for all busy, active people including athletes and children and for the elderly.

  • Supports rapid hydration
  • Bio-available and instantly absorbed 
  • Supports body water balance
  • Supports body temperature
  • Supports muscles & nerves
  • Naturally sourced
  • Sugar and excipient free
  • Very economical
  • No mould or residue in your hydration pack
  • Suitable for all ages

Athletic performance can suffer if the electrolytes lost through sweating are not replaced. Frequent exercise or persistent stress can deplete magnesium and potassium in the body leading to muscle tension. This can also occur during or after vigorous exercise in a hot environment mainly due to sodium loss.

Dehydration reduces the body’s ability to acclimatise to temperature changes in the environment. Scientific research shows that hydrating with a drink containing sodium and potassium before and after exercise sustains your body water balance for hours longer than just plain water. 

BioTrace Elite Electrolyte Liquid contains up to 72 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements in a sea mineral concentrate. Elite Electrolyte Liquid contains almost equal amounts of ionic sodium and potassium, along with ionic magnesium and zinc to support exercise performance and recovery, and chloride to help support fluid balance.

  • Always read the label and take only as directed.
  • If any adverse reactions occur, immediately stop using this product and consult your health practitioner.
  • If seal cap is damaged or missing do not use.

Add: 2.5 ml Elite Electrolyte Liquid to a 1 litre of water

Storage: Always keep the cap tightly closed. Store the container in a cool dry place.

Per 2.5 ml Serve:

Sodium 127mg
Potassium 132mg
Magnesium 45mg
Chloride 397mg

  • Bio-available, electrolyte concentrate with up to 72 naturally occurring trace elements
  • Suitable for athletes, children and the elderly
  • Supports body water balance
  • Sugar and carbohydrate free
  • Economical and convenient to use

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08-07-2020 08:05:13
08-07-2020 08:05:13
I usually take this when running, also recently used after surgery when fluid levels were low and I was not eating much. Always have a bottle in the house.

02-06-2020 23:02:53
Water the way it should be!
02-06-2020 23:02:53
My husband is a manual worker indoors in a very hot environment - bread ovens! He couldn't quench his thirst so I looked on this website for electrolytes and found this product. It beats all those bottled water products found in supermarkets and we enhance and take away the taste with water drops - there are many flavours to choose from! Won't buy bottled water while this is available! I have also started using it all year round and find it quenches your thirst much more than plain tap water!

Susan Anderson
29-02-2020 19:30:16
Biotrace Elite Electrolyte Liquid
29-02-2020 19:30:16
On reordering the above l incorrectly ordered the wrong size. Your company did email me but l ignored it.\nOn receipt of the parcel realises the error on my part.\nI then realised and was impressed with your company but the error was mine. \nThis product makes a big difference to my well being.

21-02-2020 19:30:05
Promising results
21-02-2020 19:30:05
I’ve recently bought this product, and have only used it twice, each time on a long distance hill walk in hot weather. Each time I found I still felt energetic at the end, not overheated & lethargic. I’ll definitely be keeping using it. It’s better than the powders I’ve tried.

18-01-2020 19:30:13
18-01-2020 19:30:13
This product sure helps me stay hydrated in this hot weather. I can do much more now without getting worn out.

24-02-2019 02:16:41
Excellent product especially for hot days
24-02-2019 02:16:41
So easy to use; no trying to mix in powders that don't mix well in fluids. Also, it is concentrated; so we don't need huge amounts of liquid to get the doses of minerals/electrolytes required per day. It has quite a salty taste so adding a little pineapple juice neutralizes that nicely. During the extremely hot days we have been having I find having a glass of liquid with only about 7 -10 drops is enough to put back the energy levels that the heat zaps out.Highly recommend.

22-02-2019 13:03:21
Great Product
22-02-2019 13:03:21
We bought this product after some research on your site and the reviews and decided to try it. My husband is an outdoor worker doing heavy manual work and he was finding by mid-day he was getting headaches due to dehydration, so this has been amazing, every morning now it goes in one of many water bottles and he is now managing to get through the day headache free even is this intense heat we are having.Will continue to use this product, well done Healthpost.

22-01-2019 14:30:46
Everyone should be adding Electrolytes to there water intake
22-01-2019 14:30:46
Electrolytes keep salts in the body vital to ensure the body stays hydrated - Biotrace Elite Electrolyte is an outstanding product

16-02-2018 11:35:09
Very good
16-02-2018 11:35:09
Very good product, tastes a bit weird at first in plain water but you do get used to it. I add some lemon slices, mint leaves or other fruit pieces to give it some natural flavour. Very economical. 96 serves in the 240ml bottle. Will but again for sure
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