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At HealthPost we care about the health of the whole body, and that includes a healthy period, and a healthy vagina. Our range includes reusable menstrual products, sustainable pads and tampons made from natural fibres, and other feminine care products that support vaginal and sexual health.

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We are committed to offering gentle products for your sensitive areas. Not only are they free from harmful ingredients, and single-use plastics, they allow you to look after your body the way that you choose.

In recent years there has been a huge increase – and interest in innovative solutions for period care and menstrual health. These products are healthier, more sustainable, and have never been more accessible, giving you more choice about what you use for your intimate care.

Natural products for periods and menstruation

Detox your period by swapping out synthetic based pads and tampons for Natural Pads and Tampons. A cotton topped pad or liner is more breathable and comfortable for daily wear. These alternatives are made from natural fibres, and from sustainable sources, which means that are biodegradable and better for the planet.

Reusable pads, underwear, and menstrual cups

If you are ready to step your period and menstrual care up a notch, then have a look at our reusable menstrual products. Reusable Pads and Period Underwear are ideal for your monthly period, a leaky bladder, and post-partum. They are supremely comfortable to wear, and easy to clean

For the most cost-effective option, try a Menstrual Cup for that time of the month. A menstrual or period cup is worn internally and collects your period, and depending on your flow, you may only need to empty once or twice a day. At the end of your period, sterilise it, and store it away for next time.

Vaginal health

The vagina has its own microbiome – just like your gut! Sometimes the delicate balance of the vaginal micro-flora can need a little helping hand. Our Feminine Washes and creams are 100% natural, and used externally on the vulva to support a healthy vagina.

Sexual health and lubricants

Natural lubricants, that have been designed with vaginal health in mind are a great option for those looking to protect the integrity of the vaginal wall. Our natural Personal Lubricants are suitable for use with condoms, and provide comfort to those experiencing changes to their vaginal wall due to fluctuating hormones

At HealthPost we have you covered with our large range of Natural Beauty and Body products. Choosing natural products for your personal care is not only healthier for your body, it is healthier for the planet.

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