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Mindful Brand
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Certified Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons

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Mindful Brands
Mindful Brand Natracare is a Mindful Brand. They’re committed to meaningful change that looks after our people and planet. Learn more
Natracare 100% Certified Organic Cotton Tampons - with applicators - in Regular and Super absorbency: for normal to heavy periods.
Natracare tampons were developed as a direct response to health and environmental concerns about dioxin pollution caused by chlorine bleaching, the extensive use of pesticide spraying on conventionally grown cotton, and the use of rayon and other synthetics in tampons.
Many women are unaware that rayon and rayon-cotton blends are widely used in the manufacture of tampons. Rayon is commonly chlorine-bleached, and is a highly absorbent fibre. Dioxin, a toxic carcinogen, is a by-product of all chlorine bleaching methods and is also found throughout the environment in varying levels as a by-product of pesticide spraying and pollution from incinerators. Dioxin has been found to collect in the fatty tissues of animals, including humans and should, therefore, be a real concern for women. Published scientific reports have shown that evidence is growing that even low levels of dioxins may be linked to cancer, endometriosis, low sperm counts and immune system suppression. Considering a woman may use as many as 11,000 tampons in her lifetime, she may be subjecting herself to additional dioxin exposure.
Natracare tampons are made from only certified organic 100% cotton and are the only fully certified organic cotton tampons available in the world today. They are non-chlorine bleached and women can be reassured that they do not contain synthetic materials, such as rayon, or chemical additives such as binders or surfactants. Certified organic cotton removes the risk of direct exposure to residues from chemical pesticides and fertilisers used on traditional cotton.

***Please note that due to exclusive distribution arrangements, we are currently unable to send NatraCare products to South Korea and apologise for any inconvenience.
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Non-chlorine bleached
  • Rayon-free
  • Certified organic by The Soil Association

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10-02-2021 22:23:38
Not as good as their other products
10-02-2021 22:23:38
I really love the standard tampons made by this company, unfortunately I don't love these applicator ones as much. It might be me but they just don't sit well for me. I still would never go back to non organic tampons as I found that my monthly pains are dramatically reduced since using this brand.

13-04-2020 13:51:42
Better than OI
13-04-2020 13:51:42
I wanted to try organic tampons after hearing the Paleo mums podcast, I compared these to OI which I brought from the supermarket. The OI did t obsorb as much I really struggles with the string, the cotton didn’t feel comfortable. On using the thus product for a start my period was shorter. I read reviews on healthpost that someone posted in which they said theirs was shorter which I didn’t believe but it happens. Whole day for me. The cotton was way nicer and felt softer inside. Wrapping still a struggle but the string easy to pull out which was less fretful. Please give these a try.

14-11-2017 23:02:45
14-11-2017 23:02:45
It’s so worthwhile buying these natural tampons compared to the cheap supermarket ones which are filled with chemicals which can leach into our bodies!! Absorbency is great, as with other natural tampons they can be slightly more difficult to insert (especially compared to the plastic applicators but come on they are terrible for the environment!) definitely worth trying them and pushing through if you find them hard to use at first. Would definitely recommend (these are a great price too!)

21-06-2017 16:11:32
Follow up review
21-06-2017 16:11:32
Since my previous review I have persevered and with a bit of "technique" tweaking have found them to be good tho not as easy to insert as Tampax. The fact they are natural will probably sway make to keep using this brand.

15-06-2017 04:29:55
15-06-2017 04:29:55
Found the applicator on these was really stiff and crumbled easily. Didn't have 10 minutes to muck around so ended up going back to my regular brand. Pity cos I'd rather use something natural. Absorbency seemed OK from my one successful attempt. Might have to try the non applicator variety.

19-02-2017 17:31:48
19-02-2017 17:31:48
These tampons are excellent. They are comfortable and easy to use. It is great to know that I am using a natural product that is good for both my body and the environment.

06-02-2014 12:04:27
These are awesome!! I found out I a...
06-02-2014 12:04:27
These are awesome!! I found out I am allergic to polyester/rayon and tampax must of changed their recipe and put less cotton in and more polyester/rayon in. These are 100% cotton so I have no problems now.

28-05-2013 20:06:36
These tampons are so comfortable an...
28-05-2013 20:06:36
These tampons are so comfortable and yet so absorbent too. Great for overnight use. Knowing that they are organic cotton is also reassuring.

24-05-2013 15:52:17
These are excellent, have been usin...
24-05-2013 15:52:17
These are excellent, have been using them for a while now and have had no problems, totally reliable and natural, cannot get better than that.
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