Soy Free

Finished product is free from soy. 

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Products that are free from Soy and its derivatives, have been made without added soy. Soy is derived from the soy bean and is related to peanuts, beans, and lentils as it is a legume.

It’s typically used as a substitute for meat in a vegetarian diet because of its protein content.

More often than not processed food contains some sort of soy additive. It’s an inexpensive and very flexible commodity hence it’s wide range of uses within food, supplements and skin care. Soy lecithin is a very common emulsifier that enables water and oil to mix, however it may be extracted from soy using harsh chemicals.

Soy may often be genetically modified. This process enables crops to be produced more efficiently, become more resistant to pests and disease and to perhaps increase their nutritional value and in turn become more economically beneficial. The downside of GM crops is that no one knows what potential negative impact both on the environment and the crop itself.