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CMD Concentrated Mineral Drops

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BioTrace CMD Concentrated Mineral Drops is an exceptional source of minerals and trace elements in a natural, concentrated solution that enables you to easily and affordably mineralise your own water. 

The human body requires minerals and trace elements to support numerous biological functions. There are several reasons why mineral deficiencies are so common in the Western world:

  • Intensive farming uses synthetic fertilisers that contain only a few macro-minerals required for food to grow, but few of the micro-minerals required for human health
  • Pollution and industrialisation can cause toxic metal accumulation. Toxic metals compete with mineral absorption in the body
  • Taking non-ionic or synthetic mineral supplements or drugs in excess can upset the equilibrium of other minerals and trace elements in the body

In 1897, French biologist René Quinton proved that the concentration of minerals and trace elements found in sea water is very similar in composition to that found in human plasma. 

Studies show that not only does sea water contain a wealth of mineral salts and trace elements, but it can also support pH balance because it is naturally alkaline (pH 7.9 – 8.3). 

CMD contains up to 72 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements in a low sodium sea mineral concentrate sourced from The Dead Sea in Jordan.  

  • Always read the label and take only as directed.
  • If any adverse reactions occur, immediately stop using this product and consult your health practitioner.
  • If seal cap is damaged or missing do not use.
  • Always keep the cap tightly closed. Store the container in a cool dry place. 

Suggested use: Take 1 drop per 3kg of body weight, i.e. 60kg body weight equals 20 drops of CMD. 

Either dilute these drops into the liquid you consume throughout the day or split the dose to half in the morning and half in the evening in a glass of water. CMD can be added to any liquid consumed.

Per 1ml serve (20 drops):

Magnesium 104mg
Chloride 337mg
Calcium 5mg
Sodium 3mg
Potassium 2mg
Rubidium 1mg
Lithium 625mcg
Sulphate 476mcg
Strontium 100mcg
Phosphorous  98mcg
Titanium 18mcg
Iron 16 mcg
Boron 15mcg
Silicon 10mcg

Ingredients: Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) is a low-sodium, all natural, Dead Sea mineral concentrate that contains up to 72 naturally occurring trace elements. Seasonal variations may occur.

Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) has passed the safety test for heavy metals.

  • Bio-available, liquid mineral concentrate with up to 72 naturally occurring trace elements
  • Supports mineral balance with a mineral composition close to healthy human plasma
  • Low in sodium, high in magnesium
  • Economical & flexible dosage form for the whole family
  • Vegan formula

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Richard Gerty
10-01-2021 14:56:50
10-01-2021 14:56:50
I am happy with the price and service of my regular supply of CMD from healthcare

15-10-2020 17:49:55
Mineral drops
15-10-2020 17:49:55
Good tasting and versatile product that works. I add 5 drops in the am to my morning cycle bottle: other products have been too salty or iron flat out. Just feels good...

18-09-2020 20:35:42
Great product
18-09-2020 20:35:42
Have been using these mineral drops for a few years now, when I was pregnant it really helped With nausea as they helped to keep me hydrated. I never take ages to get to sleep when I have this regularly. You may want to take in a big drink bottle throughout the day if your not a fan of the intense “sea water” having it in a glass. I don’t mind it at all tho my husband and kids think it’s yuck.

24-07-2020 19:30:51
Love this product
24-07-2020 19:30:51
I read the other reviews so was a little concerned about what the taste would be like but.....I can’t taste anything! I agree with the reviewers who say it makes the water slippery - the water just seems to go down easier and as one reviewer said, it makes me want to drink more. I’m a runner and dehydrate easily so these drops are perfect for me.

21-06-2020 21:05:15
Biotrace cmd mineral drops
21-06-2020 21:05:15
Love the minneral drops. It actually makes me want to drink more watet

16-03-2020 18:29:55
CMD Concentrated Mineral Drops
16-03-2020 18:29:55
Have been using these for a couple of years now. Add to my water bottle daily. A good way to absorb some trace elements.

26-02-2020 19:30:07
Sorry, the taste is gross
26-02-2020 19:30:07
This may well be an ok supplement (can\'t tell yet) but the taste is REALLY nasty. So if you are somebody sensitive to taste, this might not be the thing for you. BIOTRACE COMMENT: Diluting the drops into the total water that you drink throughout the day lessens the flavour considerably. If you prefer to just take CMD in two doses we recommend Barkers Blackcurrant (Stevia Sweetened) Cordial to disguise the taste. CMD can also be used instead of salt in cooking, you can add it to soups, salad dressings, vegetable juices and smoothies. Basically you can take it in any kind of drink.

Kalevi Reinikkala
19-02-2020 19:30:09
Must additive to water.
19-02-2020 19:30:09
I have water distillation unit to eliminate cancer causing fluoride from council provided water.\nBut because distillation removes all minerals so I add ALL minerals back into the clean water.\nAll added minerals are then in correct ratios.\nKarl

22-01-2020 19:30:06
Great product
22-01-2020 19:30:06
We all should be taking Mineral drops and these certainly are value for money. I notice the difference if I stop taking them for a few days. I put them in my water bottle each morning which is a great way to ensure you are getting your mineral intake on a regular basis. Highly recommend these.
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