Pet Friendly

Can be consumed or used by animals.

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Pet friendly products are those that do not contain any ingredients that may have potentially harmful effects on pets and are suitable for our precious fur babies.

Most of us are aware that there are certain foods that our pets must not consume. Dogs and chocolate, cats and raisins.

Just as humans do, individually pets can respond differently to different nutrients. While one thing may work well for your dog or cat, it may not work so well for someone else’s. As a whole they also have different nutritional needs and different ratios of nutrients are necessary. Some nutrients are not as well tolerated either, such as fat for example. While good fats are beneficial for humans too much of these fats can be harmful to a dog.

Animals have different nutritional needs as they get older, just like humans. Active puppies and kittens may need a diet higher in calories and different nutrient values when compared to elderly pets.

There are some nutrients that are beneficial for both pets and humans, Spirulina is one of these superfoods. It provides nutrients for energy, healthy coat. It is high in protein, protective plant nutrients, and anti-oxidants.