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Bowel Health Chewables

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Phloe Bowel Health Chewable tablets are a 100% natural digestive aid that is clinically shown to keep you regular, while supporting long term digestive health. More than simply fibre, Phloe™ Bowel Health is the first product to utilise a unique triple action from the combination of prebiotics, enzymes and fibre, all found naturally in kiwifruit, to help manage your digestive health in both the short and long term.

Key Benefits of Phloe Bowel Health Chewable tables:

  • Clinically researched and shown to help keep you regular while supporting long term digestive health
  • For short and long term bowel health
  • Triple action complex - prebiotics, enzymes and fibre
  • 100% natural active ingredient Zyactinase (from kiwifruit)
  • Assists the body to absorb the optimal level of nutrients from food

How does Phloe™ Bowel Health Work?
Phloe™ Bowel Health's unique triple action complex supports a series of events that work in unison to promote short term regularity and the right balance of gut micro flora so that in the long run your digestive system works the way it is supposed to.

  1. Enzymes: The enzymes in Phloe™ Bowel Health Chewable tablets work in two ways: Firstly, the enzymes stimulate motility (or movement) of waste gently through your digestive tract. This is a very gentle action, and unlike some other products on the market, has no nasty side effects (like cramping, spasms and diarrhoea). Secondly, the enzymes in Phloe™ Bowel Health are very similar to those produced naturally by your own digestive system helping you digest food so that waste moves more freely through the digestive tract. This enzyme digestion also aids with absorbing the optimum level of nutrients into your system from the food you eat.
  2. Fibre: The fibre in Phloe™ Bowel Health Chewable tablets works by providing bulk to your stool. Moisture is absorbed into the bowel and incorporated into the stool, which helps it move through the digestive tract more comfortably.
  3. Prebiotics: The prebiotics in Phloe™ Bowel Health Chewable tablets aid in long term digestive health. Their main role is to provide food to nourish the good bacteria in your digestive tract, while also inhibiting the pathogenic (or bad) bacteria. This process has a dual effect: Firstly, it helps restore the balance of gut micro flora and helps protect the digestive wall so it can work normally. Secondly, if you have a low level of good bacteria in your system it means that your system may not be producing enough enzymes on its own to digest food properly.  Encouraging the growth of the good bacteria encourages the growth of the enzymes so that you can continue to digest food the way you are supposed to. In the long run it is the prebiotics that will support the long term, proper functioning of their digestive system.

Triple Action Complex

Individually, enzymes, fibre and prebiotics are all very important elements of a healthy and effective digestive system. Phloe™ Bowel Health's triple action complex combines them into a single, extremely effective, digestive product. Used daily, you will not only address the short terms issues of regular movements, but you will also aid and support the long term health of your digestive system.

How does Phloe Bowel Health differ from fibre only supplements?

Fibre is an essential part of any diet because it acts as a bulking agent to assist waste move naturally through the digestive system. However, fibre alone cannot do the whole job.

While the fibre contained in Phloe™ Bowel Health helps bulk a stool in the same way as fibre only dietary supplements, it is the enzymes in the product that work to support motility and break food down. In addition, the prebiotics aid a return to a healthy balance of gut micro flora and therefore a healthy digestive system in the long run.

What can you expect when using Phloe™ Bowel Health?

Short Term
Using Phloe™ Bowel Health Chewable tablets daily will help you to maintain regular and healthy bowel movements and to better absorb the nutrients from the food you eat.

If you switch from taking a fibre only dietary supplement you may notice a change in the texture and consistency of your stool. Fibre only supplements tend to make stools unusually bulky and fluffy (from the moisture being absorbed).

When taking Phloe™ Bowel Health you may notice your stool is smaller and less fluffy. You can feel confident and assured that this is perfectly normal and represents a healthily functioning bowel and digestive system.

Note: Stool should be comfortable to pass when using Phloe™ Bowel Health. If this is not the case please consult a medical professional.

Long Term
Phloe™ Bowel Health's triple action complex addresses the three key requirements of a healthy and effective digestive system which are; prebiotics for a balanced micro flora; enzymes to support motility and assist digestion; and fibre to bulk the stool. Used daily, Phloe™ Bowel Health helps your digestive system work the way it is supposed to all of the time.

Who can use Phloe?

Phloe™ can be used by anyone looking for an effective natural bowel health solution (see Directions tab for details). Most Phloe™ users find that best results are achieved through long term use thereby avoiding any potential bowel health related issues before they occur.

Phloe™ is not recommended for anyone who has a known allergy to kiwifruit.

  • Always read the label. Use only as directed.
  • Supplements should not be used to replace a healthy balanced diet and adequate physical exercise. 
  • If you have serious health concerns, please seek the advice of your health professional before using any unprescribed medications or supplements.
  • Keep all medications and supplements out of reach of children.
  • If symptoms persist see your health professional.

Adults: Chew 1-2 tablets per day, no water necessary, directly before food. May be increased to 4 tablets daily as required.
Children: Suitable for children 9 years of age and above. Always start on 1 tablet per day and increase if required. Do not exceed 2 tablets daily.

Suitable for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Each Tablet Contains:

Zyactinase powder

White kidney bean extract
Tropical flavour powder
Thaumatin (natural Sweetener)
Magnesium Stearate

This product contains 691mg of sugars per tablet.

Also available: Phloe Bowel Health vegecaps

  • Proven to promote regular bowel movements
  • Helps avoid bloating and flatulence
  • 100% natural active ingredient from Kiwifruit

What other customers think


4 out of 5
(Out of 18 Total Reviews)
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11-09-2020 10:07:52
Phloe ..... doesn't
11-09-2020 10:07:52
These were a complete waste of money for me and very sugary-stick-to-your-teeth yuck. They had no effect whatsoever.

23-07-2020 14:23:27
23-07-2020 14:23:27
These work wonders, if you get an upset tum with a whole one take a half, still works.

04-07-2020 16:23:33
So far...So good!
04-07-2020 16:23:33
So good! Have definitely helped with my bloating and digestion. I have a bottle at home, and a bottle in my handbag, and I take these daily. I think you definitely have to be consistent in your intake, in order for it to take effect, and see some changes. Overall good product, definitely purchase again once my supply runs out.

Joy Hartley
22-10-2019 19:30:20
Easy when travelling
22-10-2019 19:30:20
Keeps me naturally regular when travelling and don’t have fresh kiwi fruit with me. So easy to use.

14-09-2019 19:30:12
Bowel Health tabs
14-09-2019 19:30:12
I love these tablets, they work well... I generally eat kiwifruit when available. Effective and easy on the stomach and rectum.

11-09-2018 09:12:42
Awesome product
11-09-2018 09:12:42
I've found this product to be fantastic, I love the chewable tablets. I had major problems after hysterectomy getting my bowels to function properly and this product has been an absolute blessing. No more bloating or tummy grumbles from laxitive type products which don't even work as well as this does. I really recommend this product.

12-12-2017 23:23:22
My son loves them.
12-12-2017 23:23:22
The doctor told my son to eat kiwifruit which he hated. He loves these and eats one every morning. Problem solved :-)

11-09-2017 21:00:04
Fantastic product
11-09-2017 21:00:04
The best product that I have ever found for my lazy bowels! Have tried everything for my bowels and nothing works except now your product phloe bowel health chewable works fantastic! I take 2 tablets every day and I am amazed how wonderful they are and buying them from your company they are soo cheap compared to the supermarkets! Thank you sooo much for making me so happy! Such a brilliant product!

29-06-2017 17:35:47
1 every day!
29-06-2017 17:35:47
These have been the perfect solution to many years of bowel movement difficulty and discomfort due to childhood bowel surgery. 1 of the chewables every day is all it takes to solve all the troubles! Highly recommended!
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