Award winning MÁDARA Organic skincare harvests unique ingredients in the forests, meadows and lakes of the Northern and Arctic region. Over thousands of years, Latvia’s harsh and cold Northern climate has nurtured plants with extraordinary properties – rejuvenating birch water, vitamin rich Arctic berries, antioxidant packed herbs and omega rich seeds. Each product is exclusively developed and manufactured in MÁDARA’s own laboratories and production facilities to the international ECOCERT/Cosmos standard. 

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MÁDARA Organic Skincare founded in 2006 by four Latvian women is an inspiring female entrepreneurship success story that emerged from a belief that skincare ingredients should be good enough to eat.

Madara is the name of a wild Northern herb (Galium Verum). Picked as a symbol of all of the organic Northern ingredients used in brand's products. All formulations are based on highly active Northern ingredients, harvested mainly in the Baltic/Northern European region.

MÁDARA takes organic skincare to the level it deserves – to being true masterpieces with innovative, heavenly textures, supercharged with natural essences, scientifically proven to deliver soothing, hydrating, protecting and anti-ageing effects. The formulations have been developed and tested in collaboration with leading scientists and dermatologists. 

MÁDARA pioneered the first and only of its kind anti-ageing  concept where regular formula water is 100% replaced with highly active Northern birch water, proven to reduce visible signs of ageing. Birch water reverses the damage done to the skin cells’ DNA and stimulates the cellular regeneration.

MÁDARA cosmetics are natural and organic, certified according to the international ECOCERT/Cosmos standard. MÁDARA cosmetics are good for the planet too thanks to the sustainable, local sourcing, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free production, recyclable packaging and social responsibility.