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On a mission to redefine what success means in business, B Corp is on the rise and here to stay – and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Committed to making business a greater force for good, Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability – all to balance profit and purpose. Working to build a more sustainable economy, B Corps make a legal commitment to consider the wider impact of their decisions beyond their bottom line – to make a positive difference to people and planet.

Here at HealthPost, we’re well on our way to achieving the rigorous and holistic B Corp certification. This will be the culmination of many months’ work by our sustainability team and an important and rewarding step in our sustainability journey. And thanks to our  Mindful Brands, we’re delighted to be able to champion B Corp brands leading the way.

March marks B Corp month, so there’s no better to celebrate 10 B Corp brands that make it easier to shop by your values. From  Dr Hauschka and Ethique to Weleda and our own brand BioBalance, let’s celebrate the brands that above and beyond to put people and planet first. 

1. BioBalance

Ranging from herbal supplements,  superfoods and Liposomal, BioBalance is here to support your inside-out wellness. Being the first supplement brand across New Zealand and Australia to achieve B Corp status back in 2017, they’re committed to being a force for positive change. 

“We were determined to be among the first to bring B Corp to NZ because we believe in the mission to make business a force for good. 2022 marks another milestone for us as we rewrite our company constitution to enshrine our B Corp commitment to putting people and the environment at the heart of our decision-making, always.”

Certified Organic Argan Oil – Cold Pressed

Top pick: Certified Organic Argan Oil – Cold Pressed

A nourishing oil packed with essential fatty acids to hydrate your skin and hair,  argan oil is grown almost exclusively in Morocco. So, for every bottle sold, BioBalance gives back $1 to the Women’s Cooperative in Morocco, an organisation that supports women’s wellbeing and their family’s health and education. The bottle is packaged in a 100% recycled cardboard tube and printed with soy ink – suitable for composting, recycling – or better yet reusing for pens or makeup brushes.

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2. Chia Sisters

What could be better than nutritiously rich drinks that taste good, but also do good for people and planet? B Corp brand  Chia Sisters are a wonderful example – using solar power in a Zero Carbon juicery and becoming Nelson’s first certified Living Wage employer. As one of our Mindful Brands, Chia Sisters are committed to environmental sustainability and using recyclable eco packaging wherever possible. They’ve also created ‘Businesses for Climate Action’ an initiative to help businesses measure, reduce, and benefit from reducing their carbon emissions.

“Our dream is not only to make the most nutritious drinks in the world but to have a positive impact on the environment and communities too. Being a B Corp provides us with a framework to achieve this and to hold us accountable. It enables us to identify gaps to see what we can work on and what we need to do better at.”

Chia Sisters Mānuka Honey, Ginger, Turmeric, & Lemon Hot Tonic

Top pick: Chia Sisters Mānuka Honey, Ginger, Turmeric, & Lemon Hot Tonic

Perfect for cooler days, Chia Sisters Mānuka Honey, Ginger, Turmeric, & Lemon Hot Tonic is a blend of warming ginger, turmeric, Keri Keri lemon, and Golden Bay mānuka honey.

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3. Dr Bronner’s

Dr Bronner’s became B Corp certified in 2015, and their sustainable commitments have continued to grow – allowing them to be recognised as a “Best for the World” B Corp in 2019. 

Rooted in treating the earth as their home, looking after their team like family and standing up for what’s right, their values have shaped their sustainability journey. As one of our Mindful Brands, Dr Bronner’s is committed to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and being transparent across their supply chain. From sourcing organic ingredients that are fair trade, ensuring their team are paid fair wages and using bottles made from 100% recyclable plastic; they continue to create positive change in all areas of their business. 

They’re also passionate about women’s health and stopping the stigma around periods in rural India, which has led them to distribute over 4,000 washable pads while educating these communities on menstrual health.

"We’ve selected the B Impact Assessment standard developed by the non-profit B Lab for its rigor and integrity. The assessment results demonstrate that we are exceeding our benefit corporation goals by rigorous measures. In 2021, our B Impact Score was 177.8, 2nd highest of any company in the world."

Peppermint Liquid Soap

Top pick: Peppermint Liquid Soap

Made with simple, effective ingredients including organic olive, hemp, and jojoba, liquid soap is a multipurpose superstar that smells divine, and is three times more concentrated than mainstream liquid soaps.

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4. ecostore

From humble beginnings in a Northland coast basement to becoming well-loved around the globe, ecostore’s ethos remains the same - to make a meaningful difference on people and planet.

Loved for their eco-friendly laundry and skincare, their vision is to provide clean, effective and nourishing personal care products with the whole family in mind.

Joining the B Corp family in 2021,  ecostore make a conscious effort to put the wellbeing of others first. From regularly evaluating their environmental impact to having created their own recyclable packaging scheme in 2020, this certification is certainly well deserved. They’re also one of our Mindful Brands - committed to Eco-Packaging, Environmental Sustainability and being Socially Responsible.

“B Corp is appealing because just like ecostore, its purpose is to care for people and the planet, now and long into the future. Being a B Corp is about using the money, people and relationships we have to help make the world a better place. Something we’ve always strived for.”

ecostore Manuka Honey and Kelp Soap

Top pick: ecostore Manuka Honey and Kelp Soap

Using a wholesome blend of bran,  NZ manukā honey and seaweed, ecostore Manuka Honey and Kelp Soap is a nourishing choice to gently cleanse and exfoliate skin.

Unlike other soaps made with animal fat (or tallow), this soap is blended with vegetable oils instead - leaving you with a natural, plant-based product that’s kind to many skin types.

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5. Ethique

Passionate about  zero-waste beauty, Ethique’s solid beauty bars are sustainably sourced, vegan and naturally derived. From conditioner and shampoo to body wash and facial cleansers, their waterless bars last 3-6x longer than your typical liquid products.

Operating in the most ethical way possible remains an important vision for Ethique – that’s why they became B Corp certified in 2015. This certification became a wonderful way to honour their values, while bringing to light opportunities to improve through each reassessment – which takes place every three years.

“Our supply chain ethics are paramount, ensuring everyone involved is treated and paid fairly; we are committed to a regenerative product and business model; our living wage status; and in particular our commitment to charitable donations. Being B Corp certified not only proves our commitment to doing better business, but also can be used as a measure to improve ourselves against.”

Face Sampler

Top pick: Face Sampler

If you’re new to waterless beauty, a sample kit is a great place to start. Featuring five mini best-sellers from Ethique’s face care range and packed in a 100% compostable box, it’s a healthy choice for your skin and our planet.

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6. CaliWoods

For a low waste B Corp brand,  Caliwoods is not to be missed. Passionate about making sustainable living habits easy and helping Kiwis reduce waste, their range of eco products are made using sustainable materials free from plastic.

As one of our Mindful Brands, CaliWoods is committed to eco packaging, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Dedicated to putting people first, they’re also a certified Living Wage employer, donate 1% of annual revenue to local charities and dedicate over 950 hours each year to environmental impact work.

“Being a B Corp was a dream goal ever since CaliWoods was founded. We love that our impact, transparency, and sustainability have been validated to the highest level of social enterprise certification. Our customers can trust our social enterprise framework and how we are having a positive impact on waste reduction and sustainability education. The B Corp foundations that are now embedded in our business will bring even more impact in the future.”

CaliWoods Stainless Safety Razor

Top pick: CaliWoods Stainless Safety Razor

Welcome low waste shaves with this plastic-free razor. Made with mindful materials that are better for you and our planet, support a smooth shave every time with this self-care essential.

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7. Inner Health

When it comes to  probiotic healthInner Health is a superb choice for any household. Inner Health was an early adopter of the B Corp certification and became certified back in 2019. This incredible achievement is thanks to their environmental and socially responsible values – from reducing waste in landfills, being mindful of their use of precious resources like water and ensuring the health and wellbeing of their team and customers are put first.

As one of our Mindful Brands, Inner Health is committed to being environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. From non-refrigerated probiotics packed in bio-compostable loose fill and over 1,900 solar panels installed in their Brisbane manufacturing facility, Inner Health is conscious about the choices they make when it comes to the health of our planet. Better yet, they also work with organisations to improve community healthcare for refugees and those more vulnerable.

“At Inner Health, we are on a mission to go GREEN because we care about the impact we have on the world and want to be a force for good. Our B Corp journey begun three years ago, and we have already made some positive changes.”

Inner Health Plus

Top pick: Inner Health Plus

Best seller probiotic packed with 25 million good bacteria per capsule, Inner Health Plus is here to support your gut health.

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8. Organic India

Working with thousands of family farmers in India and providing them with a sustainable income – while improving and preserving the health of our planet, it’s no wonder  Organic India successfully achieved B Corp status back in 2015.

Leading the way in the B Corp movement, they’ve not only placed in the top 10% of all certified B Corp’s but they use creative and compassionate approaches to show others that your purpose doesn’t have to sacrifice your profit.

As one of our Mindful Brands, Organic India is committed to being socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and transparent in their supply chain. From supporting marginalised farmers, gender equality, women’s empowerment and regenerative certified organic agriculture, there’s much to love about the values behind this incredible B Corp brand. Not to mention, their range of herbal teas and supplements are great for supporting healthy  stress, sound sleep and healthy aging.

"I am most proud of our history as pioneers in regenerative agriculture and of women’s empowerment programs. Show me a business model that truly gives back to the Earth, promotes equality for women, and contributes to our battle against climate change and I am 100% on board.

Watching a community of rural Indian women in colourful saris, supporting their families by picking rose petals grown organically using regenerative agricultural methods that replenish the soil, to provide the herbal teas that nourish the rest of world, using the wisdom of traditional Ayurvedic knowledge, makes me smile, warms my heart, and makes me exhale with real hope for the future of our magnificent planet."

Tulsi Wellness Tea

Top pick: Tulsi Wellness Tea

Infused with Ayurvedic favourites, Tulsi, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, and Moringa, Wellness Tea is a delicious daily tea to fuel your day.

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Looking for an eco-friendly switch in your wellness kit?  PATCH is a B Corp certified company who has earned their name as the world’s first 100% compostable wound care solution.

Designed specifically for those sensitive to materials used in traditional wound care products, PATCH’s hypoallergenic adhesive strips are made from certified bamboo fiber and naturally derived ingredients like  coconut oilaloe vera, and activated charcoal – which help soothe and support wound healing. Free from unwanted chemicals, plastic and latex, this natural alternative is organic, biodegradable and made from sustainable resources.

They’re also one of our Mindful Brands – committed to eco packaging, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Their parent company Nutricare became B Corp certified in 2018 and received a spot in the top 10% of all B Corps for environmental responsibility – thanks to PATCH’s organic materials and fully compostable packaging.

“When we founded Nutricare, we set out to create a business with sustainability at its core. We are incredibly honoured to be recognised by B Corp for our focus on sustainability.”

Coconut Oil Kids Adhesive Strips

Top pick: Coconut Oil Kids Adhesive Strips

Take care of your family’s health with a natural alternative made from 100% bamboo fibre and coconut oil to gentle adhere to skin without irritation. What’s more, they’re biodegradable and compostable too.

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10. Weleda

As one of our longest standing Mindful Brands, Weleda has been setting standards for certified natural cosmetics since 1921. Becoming B Corp has lifted their sustainability initiatives to new heights, helping them achieve a more forward-thinking approach towards doing better for both people and planet. They serve as a role model in the B Corp community by holding workshops and lectures that inspire and educate others hoping to become B Corp certified.

Dedicated to producing natural body care products that help your skin thrive, Weleda source the finest ingredients from specially selected, biodynamic and organic farms. Using gentle formulas that deeply nourish and soothe, support family wellness with products that are suitable for everyone."

Recognised for their ongoing commitment to running a sustainable, purpose-driven business, Weleda’s sustainability commitments go beyond simply sourcing organic raw materials. Passionate about working with nature and not against it, all ingredients are ethically sourced and the soil in which their plants grow is kept healthy. What’s more, almost 50% of their packaging is made from recycled materials – a percentage that they’re working to increase every year.

“As a B Corp we approach issues such as sustainability even more strategically and systematically than ever. We have launched an ambitious holistic climate protection programme that will see Weleda, not just become arithmetically climate neutral, but improving the environmental performance of all our products.

Weleda has recently committed 1% of its annual revenue towards Climate Protection. This funding will be used for initiatives that will reduce climate change, protect biodiversity, improve soil health and support social issues locally in New Zealand and across the globe.”

Skin Food

Top pick: Skin Food

Global favourite Skin Food works to hydrate, restore, and protect your skin. This award-winning, multi-purpose formula has been around since 1926.

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When it comes to shopping by your values, B Corp brands go above and beyond to have a positive impact on people and planet. Time to top up your wellness essentials? Consider backing these purpose-led B Corp brands.

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