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Product Reviews

  • Best vision supplement I have used


    I keep coming back to this product after experimenting with others as there is no comparison for me. I found this product really works for me.



  • awesome


    I have been taking Thompson's Vision Support and wished I had known about it sooner. I have Crohns and part of that is extremely dry, itchy sore eyes with reoccurring Uveitis eye infections. At the start of the 3rd week I noticed I didn't have to use the drops so often and by the 4th week using drops only at night. Iv'e been on these tablets for a little while now and its marvellous. No more sore itchy eyes or infections. Product is magical and can't recommend them enough.



  • Awesome product


    Bought this for my 19th years old son who's suffered of high detention of long distance eye sight,after consumed this product for a while,we spot a good progress on his eye which is not adding the minus this year but happy for the result.Thank you.



Wellness Blog

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