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When you cut open a fresh apple you may notice that the once white flesh quickly starts to turn brown if it’s not enjoyed immediately. This is the process of oxidation. The same chemical reaction also rusts iron and produces free radicals that may cause cellular damage and aging in your body.

Cellfood is formulated with oxygen, minerals, plant enzymes and plant sourced amino acids to assist in nourishing your body and neutralising free radicals.

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Our body would only function a few minutes without oxygen. We depend on oxygen for speaking, moving, thinking, sleeping and much more. Cellfood Original Concentrate is a safe, natural way to not only help minimise free radicals, but to also utilise them to form stable oxygen molecules. This unique formulation of 78 elements and trace minerals also provides your cells with a great mineral nutrition boost.

With toxins, physical or emotional stress and illness depleting the body’s mineral and oxygen reserves, taking Cellfood daily provides nutrients that may support the body's efforts to strengthen the immune system, aid digestion and improve circulation, making it an ideal way to deliver balance and harmony to the body.

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Product Reviews

  • Unexpected results


    Using this for a month for mental health. Too soon to say. Unexpectedly a wrist joint issue has totally gone. Had the problem for years. Have joined a gym now i am able to use the hand with no aches.



  • Instant mood lift ... but ....


    I have been taking SAM-e for only a few days now . I decided on only 4 drops morning and night after reading other reviews and to slowly trial the amount I needed .
    I noticed a lift in mood the next day and so on .... but .... My Gosh , the taste is unbearable and seems to burn on my tongue too . I don't want to stop taking it , as it may help with my fibromyalgia and moods but I dread the horrid taste each time . It certainly has taken the shine off it for me .



  • actually does what it states


    Am finding it is giving me more energy especially in the afternoons when I tend to feel a bit sleepy



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