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Hope's Relief

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Hope's Relief

We believe that all Hope's Relief products should be effective.

We use full strength Natural actives and we choose quantities that we believe will give effective results. Not token amounts. No gimmicks, no hyped up marketing. We aim to give you the best results possible.

All Hope's Relief products can be used on all ages from babies, children to mature adults.

Product Reviews

  • A very pleasant and easy to use moisturiser.

    I am on my third tube of Hopes moisturiser now. It has been very effective at fixing and preventing dry/cracked fingers
    and heels in cold weather. Also works really really well to stop lots of flaky skin on lower legs I initially thought it was a bit pricey but it spreads and covers so well that I use only a little each time and it seems to last for ages. Have not found a better one yet.



  • Okay, but..

    I noticed a real difference in the first week of using this product. However since then (and still regular use), I have reverted back to an itchy and flaky scalp. This may be down to the type of skin problem I have. My main issue with it though is that it doesnt lather at all and I have to use SO much of it to actually wash all of my hair and my hair is not overly thick nor is it that long. Which can be a bit annoying if I go through a bottle in two weeks given the cost. I would say it is good for a natural shampoo for those with very thin hair without too much of an issue with their scalp.



  • Found this lotion great

    I love the Hopes relief range of creams. I get bad eczema on my face and neck. I used the moisturising lotion a lot (it was quite thick now it's almost too runny). Then I tried this dry skin itchy skin lotion and I find this especially good. My skin seems to improve a little with use. I do have to use it in conjunction with a steroid cream but I can minimise the use of the steroid cream when I use the Hopes lotion as well. I found I've been able to keep using their products a lot longer than other creams. They don't irritate my skin and I carry this one around in my handbag at all times.



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