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NZ Natural Formulas

Established in 1995, NZ Natural Formulas offers a range of homeopathic sprays designed to support today’s full and demanding lifestyles. Developed by New Zealand homeopath Amanda Dunlop, the CARE range of products was produced specifically to help the body and mind cope with the effects of physical and mental exertion.
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NZ Natural Formulas

Over the past 20 years, the NZ Natural Formulas customer base has grown to include some of New Zealand’s top endurance athletes, pregnant women, the elderly, corporate travellers, and those seeking natural remedies to help them prevent jet lag, stay alert, stop cramp or recover with mental and physical stressors. Nearly a quarter of a million bottles later, the CARE formulas have eased the pain and offered relief, comfort and hope to many thousands of people the world over.


NZ Natural Formulas cares about the body, the mind, and the planet. Just like in the Hippocratic Oath, NZ Natural Formulas lives by the principle, “first, do no harm”. That’s why NZ Natural Formulas deliver only what the body needs, when it needs it. No stimulants, no banned substances, no side effects, and no possibility of chemical dependency. Safe for people of all ages, NZ Natural Formulas products are made right here in New Zealand with the highest adherence to quality standards. NZ Natural Formulas packaging is recycled and recyclable, and this company also supports the environment through tree planting initiatives.

Product Reviews

  • Wonderfully Effective.


    Fast acting and easy to use, just have it by your bed for those painful night cramp attacks.



  • Highly Effective Product


    I've used NZ Natural Formulas Anti Jet Lag on several longhaul flights, to North America, Europe and eastern Russia. I would recommend this product to anyone contemplating doing any flight of several hours. I take it as recommended, before, during and after the flight, and have never had to cope with the jetlag that I've seen others struck with. Sometimes I've felt tired after a flight, have used the spray and had instant relief.



  • Miracle worke


    Amazing product. One spray on the tongue and the cramp disappears. Just wish I had known about it years ago.



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