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Natural Beauty & Personal Care

We trust in Mother Nature’s wisdom to provide all we need. So, we can turn to nature for all our beauty and personal care necessities too. Enhance your natural beauty with our selective range of quality brands that also include natural hair dye, gentle body deodorants, skin care and natural makeup.

Natural Beauty & Personal Care

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Natural Beauty & Personal Care

With a rise in awareness about what we are feeding our bodies, it’s natural to also be careful about what we are smothering all over our bodies every day. Your skin absorbs substances that may end up in your bloodstream, so by being mindful, you may limit your exposure to harmful chemicals.

Now you can pamper, style, moisturise and glow with all-natural beauty and personal care products, without having to worry about excessive amounts of damaging elements that regular beauty products may contain. You can feel assured that only brands that utilise the purest ingredients are sourced by the HealthPost team, so you and your family always look and feel your best.

We have an array of natural body care and natural hair care products, as well as a natural baby products range that use the gentlest of ingredients.

Product Reviews

  • Amazing Product


    I used this on my very swollen and infected new piercing after it got knocked. I was in pain for 3 days, and ordered this. after one application it was very very stingy to begin with and then very soothing. cleared the infection overnight. could not recommend this more. I am now using once a day and the swelling is going down and the infection has cleared. perfect for your home first aid kit, as it has a variety of uses.



  • Perfect Sunscreen!


    Great consistency and not whitening like all other natural sunscreens I've tried. Love that it is water resistant too! Bottle is the perfect size for keeping in the car or taking to the beach. Highly recommend!



  • Great product


    I am really happy with this product. It is helping with my dandruff. When I am putting this henna regulary my dandruff are gone.
    Quick delivery.
    Thank you.



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    Many factors impact the skins overall health and appearance, but as a teenager sometimes the basics go missing along with the English homework from last week, never to return. Here are 5 simple and effective […]

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