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Product Reviews

  • Harkers herbal deep lung support works every time and stops further complications


    Taken at the first sign of discomfort in The chest, first thing in the morning on awakening and whenever required during the day, loosens phlegm and stops further complications developing. A must have in my medicine cabinet. Had on hand for years.



  • Success


    I had pneumonia earlier this year and got over it but was still coughing a lot
    This product within two days significantly improved my lungs
    Now I feel I'm well on the way to full recovery phew

    Thanks Debbie for recommending it



  • Excellent product that does exactly what it claims to do!


    Great product that seems to work very quickly. Not long after taking one of these, I am coughing up phlegm. It happens almost every time I take one, so yeah, it does exactly what it claims to do and clears the airways! Highly recommend this product!



Wellness Blog

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