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Coughs Chest & Throat Specials

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Product Reviews

  • rids persistent cough


    I've used it to get rid of those persistent, occasional coughs that can linger for weeks or months.



  • best available in NZ


    I have tried so many different products for myself and kids. This product works far better than all the other ones. It DOES reduce the need for coughing. My kids had bad cough this winter especially during bed time. Immediately helped them to go to sleep and within 3-4 days the cough will clear up - which usually won't in a week or two. Although the taste is a bit strong but my kids take them without complaining.



  • Excellent for clearing chest congestion


    My husband has a long standing chest congestion problem that occasionally gets a bit out of control so we keep this on hand for those occasions. Taken as described on bottle this will definitely clear your chest and quite quickly. Taste is to be acquired... but not too bad and you know it is all natural ingredients so just put up with it and it becomes quite acceptable, not too bad at all and it works so well. Highly recommend this product. We recommended it to our daughter who couldn't shake a post viral cough and this worked very well for her too. After a month of coughing keeping her awake this worked within three nights and dissipated the cough and heavy chest feeling.



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