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Product Reviews

  • No more rage


    This product was recommended to me at a time when I was starting to wonder if anything could ever really help. I had tried so many products to help with my pms mood swings - some worked, but only for a few months, and then I'd be back grasping at anything that might work. I was desperate and am so pleased to say Clinicians PMT Cycle Balance has helped me. I still feel a little grumpy sometimes, but now I feel like I'm in control; like I have a choice as to how I behave, and what my reactions are... instead of feeling almost possessed!! An added bonus is that my skin has also improved. I've been taking this for nearly a year and it is still working for me. I hope it works for you too - it's definitely worth a go!



  • Lifesaver!


    This product is amazing! I'm in my late thirties, and have suffered hormonal problems for the last decade. I went to the doctor a couple of times thinking I may be able to get to the bottom of what was going on with me, but tests came up with nothing. My mood swings only got worse, so I tried this product and have been taking it for about a year now and LOVE it! It has made such a difference - I'm back to the happy person that was hiding behind the hormones! I stopped taking it for a couple of weeks and found my moods went back downhill, so went back on 30 Plus and have never looked back. My family are very grateful, but mostly I am so happy to be back to my happy self!



  • Benefits as claimed


    I have been taking 30 Plus for many years now. I believe that with the use of these (plus a couple of extra vitamins), my depression and pmt symptoms are kept at bay.



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