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Iron Anaemia Specials

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Product Reviews

  • Weak


    I have IBD which results in constant battles with iron and HG levels. I had a reaction to my last Iron infusion so was desperate to keep my Iron high using oral supplements.

    After using this terrible tasting stuff several times per days over 3 month I had big drop in my Iron level, it did nothing. I have since moved to a high strength liquid Iron and the results have been much better and I only need a couple of tablespoons per day.

    If you really need Iron for true iron deficiency then I cannot recommend this product.



  • Ideal supplement for vegetarians


    My go to for my three vegetarian sons. Good to know they're getting enough iron, and they love them.



  • Great Product


    I would not be without my B12 sublingual drops.

    I have been using this product for a year now. Within the first week of taking one drop a day, I noticed the difference in my lack of fatigue, alertness, and memory. My mind is as sharp at the end of the day, as it is in the morning.

    I am completely amazed that "one drop a day" can do so much.

    I will use this product until the day I die.

    Thank you so much!



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