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Product Reviews

  • Use it to stop colds at the first sign!


    I was recommended to use this at the first sign of a sore throat to prevent a cold developing. I have proved it many times if you are diligent and take the full dosage in the first day or so. Of course sometimes it can develop but doesn't seem so bad. Highly recommend trying.



  • For bones and my teeth have benefited too


    As Im not getting younger my bones have become increasingly important in my overall health and wellbeing - with benefits to teeth, hair and nails externally obvious its a win win all round.



  • Stops muscle cramps


    Definitely stops my severe leg cramps - after knee surgery I have had a lot of leg spasms and cramps - I take it night and day and also when I feel like my muscles are starting to spasm. Tasteless and easy to take so a winner for me. Have used tissue salts before and recommend them.



Wellness Blog

  • Happy Healthy Baby

    Yes a happy, healthy baby is something all parents want and dream of. It’s stressful enough when the new born comes along unsettling regular household systems, disrupting sleep patterns, creating the all too familiar baby […]

  • How well do you know your cell salts?

    Your body needs a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals to perform at its best. When you don’t have enough of one or several of these nutrients, the body is likely to respond by […]

  • Tissue Salts – the supportive building blocks

    The basic foundation of biochemistry is also the foundation of tissue salts – that we must feed our cells the essential nutrients that they are comprised of to be well. This theory impacted largely on […]

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