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Product Reviews

  • Amazing product worth a try


    Both my husband and I are taking this product and have been very happy with the results, neither of us can take Dr's prescribed anti inflammatories , and these have helped with my back problems and my husbands aching joints.
    Worth a try and easy on your tum.



  • good health turmeric 15800 complex and how it help my long term illness


    I have use Turmeric 15800 for my illness for a long time now . I am 55 Male and found it slowly helping me
    as i have a problem with my immune system after getting biting by a white tail spider that happening in 2002
    still feeling what it did now i have a problem with my eyes due to the immune crash and the Prescription medicine i use
    for the eyes as made me weak and getting tired most Days using the Turmeric has made me less tried and
    i am starting do things i could not do before ..With Health post you do get very good service and very fast to get
    your product to you the biggest thing for me is the price i was paying over $60 for this so i am really happy for what
    Healthpost sell's it for i do Recommend Healthpost for cost of product and speed of product to door very good tracking
    system use when product comes to you .



  • Big Difference


    Hi am a bit of a skeptic... my uncle had been telling me for 12 months to take Turmeric but I just hadn't got around to it. Well, I have been back into my training on my bike and running and it was taking me 2-3 days to recover after a decent workout in the hills. I also suffer from chronic back pain from a childhood fall that meant I cannot do lifting or work bending over like gardening. Well, after three weeks on this product I have noticed (and my hubby has noticed) that I don't whinge about my back anywhere near as much as I used to and my exercise recovery is about 12-24 hours rather than 2-3 days, after a hard workout. I can't believe it. My muscles and joints just don't cease up like they used to and it's hard to explain how it feels to get up the next morning and be able to walk normally instead of hobble on painful quads and calf muscles. I also have uncerative colitis and I have noticed a reasonable improvement with that (won't go into detail). Anyway, now my husband thinks he might start taking it... and he is the biggest skeptic of all!



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