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Product Reviews

  • Caused reaction


    I thought i would comment just so people know about the other side of this product as my 15 year old daughter did suffer a reaction from this cream and yet I was fine and am looking forward to using it as my daily skin routine because it has got such good stuff in it, even though I do feel slight burning after application. My daughter basically looked like she had a bad dose of sunburn after it - you could see just where she had applied it. I would not know what would have caused this reaction but it was definitely from this product as straight away after application she had a severe burning and had to wash it off straight away, then leaving her with a red face. By morning it had settled and returned to normal.



  • Go Magnesium 800 - High Dose Muscle & Nerve Support


    I highly recommend GO Magnesium 800. I have suffered with chronic muscle spasms all my life since a little girl and have tried various produces and brands with no luck as I still get cramps but on a small scale. Since starting with Go Mag 800 I have never looked back and experience no cramps of muscle spasms - YAY! The bonus for taking them is I get better nights sleep :)



  • useful for vegetarians


    These iron pills was recommended by a doctor friend who takes them herself. She explained why blackstrap molasses is just not enough to keep up decent iron levels if you are a vegetarian.
    And they don't cause constipation! If only they were around decades ago when I was pregnant.
    They are even cheaper from Health Post than the chemist. Recently bought a packet as gift for a friend to try.



Wellness Blog

  • How to build a good skeleton – and keep it that way!

    Them dancing bones Our bones are dynamic structures. This means that they undergo constant break-down and build-up in response to our ever-changing environment. Our bones can get smaller or bigger depending on what physical demands […]

  • Dem Bones Dem Bones Dem Dry Bones…

      In the average 70kg human body- approximately 1kg of this weight is calcium! 98% of this is found in your bones, 1% in your teeth and the rest in your bodily fluids. Calcium is […]

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