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Product Reviews

  • I'm a new person

    I can't say enough for this product. Please please please try it for 2 months. Marriage-saving, life-saving. I am so grateful.



  • A Must Have!

    30 Plus NuWoman, I have been taking for months now and it is a must have. As it says on the packet mood swings, anger, nervous tension, irritability, lack of energy, emotional outbursts, stress & weepiness, oestrogen dominance, suitable for all ages...I wish I had found this sooner. My partner truly appreciate the change in me for the better. It truly balances you out. I cannot live without 30 Plus it is truly a God send. I am in my 40's and I wish I knew about this years ago. It really works, that is my personal opinion and I am living proof that it works wonders. Actions speak louder than words, and as a result our house is a lot quieter and happier. This is a true blessing. Thank you Healthpost and all your staff for making it so easy to get 30 Plus sent out to me along with all the other products I can't live with out. Your service is truly amazing, I just wanted to say 'Thank You'.



  • Amazing life saving product !

    I was getting constant migraines and was generally very very moody. It was really starting to affect my everyday life so I went to the doctor who wasn't really that helpful at all and just prescribed some pills to take when the migraines came on (never mind the very bad side affects I had been advised on taking the pills). She did suggest however that my headaches could be due to hormones. My Mum was told the same thing when she was my age so it was pretty much a given that that was the cause. I've always been one to look into a more natural approach rather than prescribed medication so I looked into the 30 plus and started taking them (as recommended by a few women) twice a day. They have completely changed my life ! I have gone from having a migraine maybe twice a week to maybe one in the past two months. And my moods have completely changed I am more balanced and definitely more tolerable :-) At the moment I take these twice a day without fail as if I don't I really notice the difference !
    I can't rate this product highly enough. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you



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