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Healthy Breakfast Foods

Breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day, yet for many people it gets overlooked in the rush to get out of the door in the morning. Many people skip the meal altogether, or settle for sugar-laden cereals that lead to blood sugar crashes, fatigue and hunger by mid-morning.

We bring a range of great ideas for a healthy breakfast, including paleo-friendly options, that not only taste great but are high in nutrients and are quick and easy too.

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Healthy Breakfast Info

While many of us may dream of bacon and eggs for breakfast each morning, the reality is that for most of the population a piece of white bread toast or small bowl of high-sugar, low-nutrition cereal is all that’s eaten first thing in the morning. Eating a breakfast that contains good levels of protein, fibre, healthy fats and nutrients is key to maintaining stable blood sugar levels and not suffering the hunger and fatigue that often follows these refined-sugar laden carbohydrate-heavy meals.

Cereals and mueslis that are raw and activated, or simply rich in nuts and seeds and low in refined sugar and grains are an easy, tasty way to get a healthy hit first thing in the morning.

Chia Seeds are a popular addition to a healthy breakfast too.

Product Reviews

  • Not for coeliacs who can't have trace gluten


    The Pure Delish range all give me days of stomach cramps. They have trace gluten as they are not manufactured in a gluten free facility and use gluten containing ingredients in other products. If you have coeliac disease like me and cannot have any gluten at all then eat at your own risk.


    "At Pure Delish we follow a tightly managed NZ Food Safety Programme which is externally audited annually by an accredited inspection body. Our allergen management programme is tightly managed from incoming raw ingredients, through to packing of finished goods. We have implemented a colour coding system to all of our processes by ensuring all equipment is designated to its specific allergen, and also cleaning procedures to eliminate any potential of any cross contamination. Along with this, we also have a full time cleaner who ensures proper cleaning of all equipment and the general facility. We have a separate bakery facility which is completely gluten free where all of our bars, biscuits, slabs and bites are made. We also plan our cereal production schedule to ensure that gluten/gluten free products are produced on separate days, with thorough cleaning post and prior to commencing. We use separate trays for all cereals so there is no cross between gluten and no gluten cereals when baked.

    Gluten testing of all of our gluten free products is done monthly. We test at a cut off of 5ppm which is the lowest detectable level for in-house sample testing and we also do random swab tests to make sure all surfaces etc are free from contamination. Random samples are sent to Assure Quality Laboratories for testing to less than 3ppm (3 parts per million) which is the FSANZ gluten free standard and considered safe for Coeliacs."



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