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Muesli and Energy Bars

Whether it’s a school lunch or a quick bite on the run, a snack for your handbag to eat in emergencies or just a tasty treat for your afternoon tea, muesli bars are an easy thing to snack on when you’re needing food fast. There is a wide range of healthy options available, including superfood bars, protein-rich bites, and others jammed full of nutritious ingredients and great flavour.

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Muesli Bars Info

While muesli bars have been popular for decades, historically they’ve been less a health food and more of a junk food, high in sugar and artificial ingredients and low in nutritional merit. These days, however, they’ve had something of a renaissance, coming in much more nutritionally impressive forms packed full of wholesome ingredients and low in empty calories, sugar and fillers. Their handy bar form makes them the perfect on-the-run healthy snack between meals, ready to be consumed anywhere at any time.

Choose from protein bars, superfood laden bars rich in chia, almonds, coconut, green powders, berries and probiotics, and paleo-friendly bars totally free from grains. With a variety of flavours and forms available from a number of producers now, these are the perfect fast food for all ages.

Product Reviews

  • Delicious such a treat


    This bar was so delicious such a treat will buy again



  • Excellent


    It tasted the best out of the rest of the bars and not as sweet. Really good for tummy too, I guess probiotics work.



  • Fabulous bar


    I love, love this bar. Tasty, slightly chewy and very filling. I have tried a lot of health bars and this one, and the others in this range are extremely tasty. I always have one (or two) in my handbag for those times when you need something sweet but healthy,



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