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Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in the leaves of plants and blue-green algae, used in the process of photosynthesis to draw energy from sunlight. It is rich in nutrients and similar in composition to human blood, and widely used as a natural antioxidant supplement.

HealthPost carries a range of liquid and tableted chlorophyll products, both flavoured and unflavoured.

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Chlorophyll Info

Chlorophyll supplements have been popular for decades for their purported ability to support the body through a vast range of health disorders, from weight management and wound healing to supporting the immune system during times of illness. Naturally found in the leaves of all plants, and thus in edible form in any green leafy vegetables and sprouts we may eat, it is generally taken in supplement form as a rich green liquid.

Chlorophyll is high in micronutrients including magnesium, and may assist in the management of various gastrointestinal disorders and inflammatory conditions. Considered a superfood for its nutritional value, it is often used as part of cleansing or alkalising programmes, and to improve energy levels and maintain overall wellbeing.

Product Reviews

  • Natures Sunshine liquid chlorophyll a winner!


    Liquid Chlorophyll is an amazing product. it is nice with hot or cold water - depending on whether you want to warm up or cool down! i substitute it for coffee upon awakening. Truly a good thing for your body. i have tried many different brands of chlorophyll but in my opinion, Natures Sunshine is by far the nicest!



  • Mixed with juice tastes fine


    As foul as it tastes on its own mixed with freshly made juice it has a delightful berry flavor. Does as advertised.



  • Energy


    Improves energy levels after childbirth.



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