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St John's Wort

Studies indicate St John’s Wort may be effective as a treatment for mild to moderate depression, a tonic for the nervous system, and to alleviate nerve pain. It is also useful for promoting feelings of calm and well-being, alleviating anxiety and stress, and aiding disturbed sleep patterns.

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St John's Wort Info

St Johns wort (Hypericum perforatum) is a medicinal herb well known for its nervine tonic and antidepressant properties. The meaning of the Greek word hypericum is ‘greatest health’. Its reputation goes back to the time of Dioscorides and Hippocrates, who used St John’s wort to "combat the demons of melancholy". Modern research supports this reputation, with many trials showing it to be as effective as prescription anti-depressants but with fewer adverse side effects.

St John's Wort Benefits

St John’s wort is a proven safe treatment for depression and tonic for the nervous system, and a specific for nerve pain. It is also useful for promoting feelings of wellbeing and calm, alleviating anxiety and stress, and aiding disturbed sleep patterns.

St Johns wort is antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial, and used traditionally to treat a broad range of infections including sore throats, chronic coughs, sinus infections, malaria and tuberculosis. It may benefit uterine cramping, PMS, peptic ulcers and gastrointestinal problems.

St John's wort may also be helpful in managing the symptoms of psoriasis, Parkinson's disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.

St John’s wort’s specific affinity for injuries to the nerves makes it a safe and effective treatment for painful deep wounds, burns and sunburn. Applied topically for bruises, herpes sores, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, sciatica, nerve pain, arthritis and rheumatism, St John’s wort may help alleviate symptoms and speed up healing.

St John's Wort Side Effects

Supplementing with St John's Wort is known to increase sensitivity to sunlight, so care should be taken to avoid over exposure. It also affects the way many prescription medications work, so consult your health professional before combining St John’s wort with drugs. Safe when taken as prescribed during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Product Reviews

  • Can't Be without it

    Been on this for years after menopause, I have a relaxed view on very stressful situations, I have very demanding responsibilities, but able to stay grounded with this product. the only problem is trying to find the product available all the time



  • Really helps with negative thoughts and lifts mood from depressed to neutral

    Really helps with negative thoughts and lifts mood from depressed to neutral. Also seems to allow me to feel more happy and contrrnt than i used to.



  • Works great

    I've been taking this brand of St Johns wort for about 2.5-3 months now and it works amazingly well. There are no side effects. where as when i briefly tried anti depressants I couldn't get past the initial stage as the side effects of jitteryness, hyperness, anxiety, no concentration, dizzy etc were unbearable.

    I find St Johns wort seems to do the trick for me, once it started working maybe a week or two in I noticed I don't get the constant negative mantras anymore or feelings of dispair. Its great, most of the time I feel quite content and happy. My life isn't exactly going terribly right now but it wasn't terrible before i started taking st johns wort either so I'd say the herb is probaby working as it should :).

    I also notice the negative thoughts and feeling of miseribleness come back pretty quickly if i miss a couple of days. Dosn't help with stress though.



Wellness Blog

  • St John’s Wort Clinically Safest Antidepressant

    Have you heard about the benefits of St John’s Wort for depression?   At long last the mainstream media are highlighting the dangers of widespread prescribing of antidepressant drugs.  Recent television news items have focussed […]


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