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Tart Cherry

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Product Reviews

  • Tart cherry exellent


    I am a very light sleeper and wake 3-4 times a night, Tart cherry definitely puts me into a deeper sleep and I havnt been waking up through the night as much and when I do wake up I actually go back to sleep nearly straight away! which for me is amazing for me!
    Definitely would recommend this to people who do not want to take drugs prescribed by the doctor.



  • Prefer Magnesium


    For some reason this didn't really work for me. I tried one tablet and no effect, tried 2 and noticed a slight effect. I find magnesium works better for me.



  • They work!


    These pills are not a sedative but the zizyphus in the pills help greatly with a racing mind/brain and calms the head when you get to bed so sleep comes much easier. Take 30 mins before bed. I don't use all the time and only for 2 or 3 nights in a row and then only as required if I have some madly busy days and can't stop the mind from racing at bedtime.



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