Efalex Softgels (Learning, Concentration & Eye Health)

Efamol Efalex is a unique formulation that combines carefully selected fish oil rich in DHA and Efamol Pure Evening Primrose Oil, which are excellent sources of omega-3 and omega-6 nutrients. Efalex may help calmness, attention span and learning alertness. May also help maintain eye function. Recommended.
  • Advanced combination of Purified Fish Oil & EPO
  • Helps support learning, concentration and eye health
  • Clinically proven to be of the highest quality & purity
  • See also: Efalex Oil - liquid form
Efalex Softgels (Learning, Concentration & Eye Health)
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- Unique formulation providing important fatty acids to help maintain EYE and BRAIN function. -

Efamol Efalex is a high DHA fish oil essential fatty acid formula designed to support normal clarity, focus, concentration and coordination.

The importance of adequate supplies of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPs) in early life for brain and visual development is well established. These nutrients remain important throughout life, especially during growth phases. It appears a common biological link exists for conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADD/ADHD which is related to an inborn error of metabolism affecting the conversion of essential fatty acids into LCPs. This leads to a deficiency of LCPs, which are required for incorporation into membranes, particularly those of the brain, nerve and eye tissues.
Scientific trials using Efalex, a patented combination of DHA rich tuna oil, Efamol Evening Primrose Oil, vitamin E and thyme oil (two well-established antioxidants), have shown great benefit for supporting normal clarity, focus, concentration and coordination.

Also available in lemon-lime flavoured liquid form.  See Efalex Oil as below.
Efalex & Children's Learning
Studies show that low levels of the fatty acids found in Efamol Efalex in a child’s bloodstream is directly related to poor academic ability and progress, behavioural problems and attention deficit.
Supplementing with Efamol Efalex is proven to improve a child’s ability to succeed in the classroom. Give your child the best possible start to the year!

Each Softgel Contains:

High DHA fish oil 365mg
(providing DHA 80mg , EPA 18mg, AA 6mg)
Rigel Evening Primrose Oil 142mg
(providing GLA 16mg)
Vitamin E 8mg
Thyme oil 1mg
Adults and children over five: take 2 softgels twice daily with food.
Children 2-4: take 1 softgel twice daily with food.
Or as directed by your healthcare professional.
When using Efalex for the first time double the daily dose for the first 12 weeks.

Due to the thyme oil content this product is not recommended during pregnancy or for children under 2 years of age.

Customer Reviews

Note: Customer reviews reflect individual experiences and may not be typical. Individual results may vary.

Average Rating:

Customer: Julian   17 Apr 2014

Customer rating:

This is an awesome product and I have taken it for several years. A general health improver with benefits for hair, skin, nails and brain function.

Customer: Justine   29 Oct 2013

Customer rating:

Have been giving this to my son. He certainly seems more settled and calmer since taking it

Customer: Alex   16 Sep 2013

Customer rating:

My son has hereditary eye issues so I bought this product to help assist with repair/maintenance. I started him on them just before the school holidays. When he returned to school his teacher actually asked what I had done as he was a more mature and well adjusted child (aged 6). He wasn't a difficult child before hand but is more calm. As for his eyes - they haven't gotten worse. I've bought these repeatedly and definitely recommend them to friends with kids around my son's age.

Customer: Mary   29 Aug 2013

Customer rating:

I have been buying this product for my sons ADHD for about 7 years now.. Just bought the adults version now as he is now 14...looking at the ingredients... gingko biloba, I think I will get into it also ..

Customer: Margaret   13 May 2013

Customer rating:

My son (12) struggles @ school (Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia, possibly ADD / mild Autism). He started Efalex 12 mths ago. Hard to tell as there're still subjects where he has poor concentration, but in others teachers are satisfied with progress & focus. He feels Efalex helps & has no problem taking 4 caps/ day. My daughter (8), who has not been assessed but also has focus difficulty, wanted to try them but was put off by the strong fish taste, & has refused to try them since that first time.

Customer: Rachel   05 Mar 2013

Customer rating:

We tried this on the recommendation of our chiropractor to help our then, 6 year old son with his over excitedness. This product in amazing and he is still taking it, and he's now 11. He is more settled, can concentrate for longer, and it also helps with his skin, due to his changing hormones. Would definately recommend!!

Customer: Angela   24 Oct 2012

Customer rating:

This product has been very helpful for my daughter. She finds they assist with concentration and she wouldn't be without them through the last term of each year. Taking them for several months before exams is necessary. Every average student would benefit from Efalex.

Customer: Adelaide   02 Aug 2012

Customer rating:

Same great product, so easy to take in capsule form even my 5 year old can take them (he just chews them up) meaning I can use the same product for the whole family instead of having to keep different products for different people.

Customer: Isolde   17 Feb 2012

Customer rating:

I have had my son on this fish oil for a while, doing double strength initially and them maintenance dose. I homeschool him and have seen a difference in his behaviour, he is more settled.

Customer: Renske Power   05 Nov 2009

Customer rating:

This product has been excellent for our excitable, hard to slow down and get to sleep boy. We thought it made a difference but were unsure so we tried a different but similar product. After about a month on the other product we once again have an overexcitable boy who has trouble getting to sleep. Definitely going to recommend Efalex from now on and go back to using it!!

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