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Protein Powder

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Protein Powder

Protein is a vital nutrient that the body uses to repair, as well as maintain cells and tissue. Protein powder supplements may help boost your recommended daily protein intake. Low levels of protein in your diet may lead you to tire easily, feel weak during a workout or be slow to heal after an injury.

View our wide range of protein powder supplements above along with other supplements and natural health options.

Protein shakes can be a delicious breakfast or an easy morning or afternoon snack - a great alternative to what's usually available in the canteen snack bar. High protein foods may also help you feel energised and satiated longer - saving you from the in-between meal snacking and 3pm energy blues.

Whether doing cardio training, building muscle, convalescing, trying to gain or maintain weight or supplementing a vegan diet, you can choose from our great variety of protein powders including rice protein powder and the popular whey protein powder.

Also take a look through the assortment of pea protein powders, which come in tasty flavours such as creamy vanilla, coffee or cacao and coconut.

Product Reviews

  • Excellent

    Great source of protein to help recover from my weight training workouts. The Divine Chocolate flavor tastes great.



  • Delicious and blends easily.

    I love this protein powder - I agree, it is the best one I've tried - sweet, natural-tasting and it blends into a smoothie easily, making the smoothie sweet and creamy-tasting. It's great to see the bits of vanilla bean that have been ground to make the flavour.



  • The texture, oh god the texture....

    Bought this powder to help recover from an illness. Thinking about how great their Essential Greens powder is, I wondered how any company that could produce something as fantastic as Essential Greens could fail at a protein powder. With the texture of the cardboard box it arrived in, blended with water into a slurry that tastes vaguely like vanilla, I am still picking bits of 'protein' out of my teeth. So disappointed especially since it's expensive and near undrinkable. Seriously, companies should not state a product is fit to me mixed in a shaker if the first thing it does is separate when it is no longer in motion? Nope. Nopetty nope nope. Also the graphic of the smooth, creamy shake on the pot is a lie. Nothing made from this powder could produce something that smooth. I am actually concerned that the powder might turn into concrete in my GI tract overnight....



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