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Rice Protein Powder

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Product Reviews

  • Best Unflavoured powder


    There are so few unflavoured protein powders on the market and this is a great one . Great for smoothies and baking :-)



  • Can be gritty, but can easily be made delicious...


    Love this product. I've found that the best way to make it taste good, is to use ice cold water, a small banana and put it in a blender on high for 40seconds to a minute. I found that this helps to combat the "grittiness" and actually makes it taste really nice! I have tried drinking it after just putting it in a shaker cup... not so nice. I love that it has herbs & sprouts and is completely natural and raw, as that is VERY hard to find in a protein/ weight loss shake. I also love that it has herbs for my metabolism.



  • Other reviews say it's over-sweet tasting. ...


    And that's why I love it! The pros and cons
    ...I can only use half a serve at a time as it is very sweet. This is great for anyone reducing protein such as ketosis
    ...Half a scoop great for budget
    ...I seem to be digesting it well sweet don't need fruit in smoothie. Great for low carbers and Keto sweet that I don't need any coconut sugar in my cacao seed pudding! I melt and mix a tbs coconut oil with spices and quarter cup seeds and salt. Once warmed I take off heat and stir in tsp cacao powder and just under half scoop of this protein. Serve on its own or with fruit
    ...there is a slight bitterness perhaps the stevia but negligible compared to other stevia sweetened powders
    Could be better if sweetened with thaumatin alone. Could be better if it was all organic but then wouldn't be in my budget. At least the rice protein is organic
    You have to try it out to see how sweet it is! It's not imaginable!



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