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At BioTrace the focus is to educate and empower people so they may better support their health and the health of their clients with products whose integrity they can trust.

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BioTrace was founded by Robin Day in 2004. Robin worked for 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry when on a business trip to Papua New Guinea he was exposed to Agent Orange, resulting in debilitating illness. After lengthy use of allopathic medicine, Robin was introduced to Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) which made a profoundly positive difference in his health. This marked a turning point for Robin and he secured Australasian distribution of these remarkable products.

Product Reviews

  • Very effective.


    I noticed a big difference in energy and general well being with these. I just tried cellfood again after not using it for a long while but did not notice a difference like I do with the cmd drops.



  • Have purchased more and will continue to!


    After struggling with the unwanted bowel effects of all other magnesium supplements I have found this to be best for me. The fact that there are no fillers, binders etc is an added bonus. The cost of these does appear excessive which is the only drawback.



  • very good result so far


    I have just finished my first bottle of these capsules. Last night I had to drive just after dark which I would normally avoid because of the glare from oncoming car lights. I suddenly realised that I was managing very well which was a surprise. I was wondering why my eyes had adjusted in such a better way and I am sure it is because of this product. The optician had told me to avoid night driving because of the cataracts in both eyes which are not bad enough to be operated on yet. I am now on my second bottle of these capsules and believe they will continue to improve or at least stabilise my eye condition.Nothing else I have taken has had this result.



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