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Naturo Pharm

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Product Reviews

  • Interesting!


    This is probably a wonderful product, and exactly what my cat needs.... however, I'm pretty sure that squirting it into his mouth (or even nose) 6 times initially, or even 3 times a day, will be fairly impossible.

    The first two doses made the cat very indignant. Now he's kind of hard to get hold of....



  • Didn't work for me - but MERCURIUS DULCIS did


    I have had chronic blockage issues with my Eustachian tubes for years and have tried Earmed in the past (and many other homeopathic remedies) but it didn't work for me.

    This week I had a break through however, and it's called MERCURIUS DULCIS. I am sharing this as I don't want other people to suffer) is another Nature Pharm product not heard of so much.

    Healthpost currently doesn't stock it- so I had to get it ordered in especially from my local. After 15mins I could feel it was working. After the 5th dosage the fluid finally (after weeks of blockage) cleared out of my Eustachian tube!! Amazing!!!

    As any one who know what's its like to have to try and live and work with dizziness/blocked Eustachian will know it's a living hell. please try this.

    If you do, please post a comment here. I am hoping Healthpost will stock this product (as they already have Naturo Pharm Products) but will only order in if there is a demand for it.



  • A Must have


    An item that should be in every bedside draw. when you wake ... spray and back to sleep, plus more. great for kids and older. great relaxer.



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