Liver Detox Tea

Artemis Liver Detox Tea is a traditional recipe for cleansing of the liver and eliminating wastes and toxins.

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Liver Detox Tea
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Artemis Liver Detox Tea is a traditional recipe known to assist in eliminating toxins, metabolic wastes, pollutants and excess cholesterol. Useful in the recovery from liver complaints. Liver Detox Tea helps to stimulate the function of the liver, gallbladder, spleen and pancreas.
  • Back at work with a touch of the post-holiday blues?
  • Feeling a little sluggish after the holiday season?
  • Needing some weight loss help?
Try Artemis Liver Detox Tea!
  • Rich in health enhancing antioxidants
  • Supports regular liver detoxification
  • Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels
  • Tones the liver, gallbladder and pancreas function
  • Aides weight loss
  • Safe for the whole family (including babies); no herb-drug interactions
  • Especially beneficial when recovering from liver complaints, when undertaking a liver-cleansing regime or when taking synthetic medication

Some people say that when first using Artemis Liver Detox Tea it has a slight bitter taste, however it is not long before the flavour becomes quite pleasant and enjoyable.
New Zealand approval: TAPS No. 3635
With certified organic and wildcrafted herbs of: Fennel seed, Globe Artichoke leaves, St Mary's Thistle, Calendula, Dandelion root, Peppermint.
No caffeine, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. GE Free.
Adults take 1-3 cups daily as an enjoyable liver cleansing tonic with antioxidant properties. Take first cup before breakfast for best detoxification effect, regularity and clarity of mind.
For full detoxifying benefit and to support healthy liver, gallbladder and digestive functions take 3 cups daily for 6-12 weeks before meals.
Can be safely taken longer for maintenance, e.g each morning before breakfast for regular detoxification.
Babies: 5ml (1 teaspoon) 3 x daily
6-12 month: 10ml 3 x daily
1-4 years: 20-40ml 3 x daily
4-10 years: 50-100ml 3 x daily

On average, 1gm of this tea is enough to make 1 cup.

"When I first started using the ARTEMIS Liver Detox Tea, I could notice a difference within a few days. My body felt like it was cleaning out all the bad stuff - my skin got clearer and my digestion seemed better, I was also able to lose weight easier.  If I go for a couple of weeks without it, I can notice the difference. I can definitely recommend this product!"

- Cath Broome, Christchurch

"I use the ARTEMIS Liver Detox Tea on a regular basis and find it very good. I notice a lift in my energy levels, I can literally feel the ARTEMIS tea working on my system. I would and do recommend to anyone looking to make a difference to their health to try the ARTEMIS teas."

- Hamish Harcourt, The Herb Centre, Christchurch


Sensitivity towards one of the ingredients.


Use as directed. If you are on prescription medicine (re: St Mary's Thistle) or if symptoms persist see your health professional. At the recommended dosage clinically relevant herb-drug interactions are not known.
Customer Reviews

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Average Rating:

Customer: Lisa   12 Mar 2014

Customer rating:

Yum! Great tea and definitely have far more energy since starting drinking it (and I was always very sceptical about naturopathy in the past...)

Customer: Tritip   21 Nov 2013

Customer rating:

I love this tea..pricey but worth it!! It smells so good.

Customer: Asha   11 Jun 2013

Customer rating:

This tea is super detoxing and now I crave it every morning, it has definitely helped me to keep healthier through the winter months. It has a strange taste to start with quiet bitter but soon your body will crave it because it knows how good it is for you and most importantly the liver!

Customer: Cornelia   30 May 2013

Customer rating:

Tastes nice but to expensive, not buying it again

Customer: Jean   14 May 2013

Customer rating:

I have a cup of Liver Cleansing Tea every morning to kick start my day. It has a very pleasing taste and my liver just loves it.

Customer: Daniela   09 May 2013

Customer rating:

Excellent product, a bit costly though..

Customer: Sheena   10 Sep 2012

Customer rating:

I have been taking this tea for about 2 months (1 to 2 cups a day) now and have definitely noticed an improvement in my general well-being and digestion and regularity. It has a pleasant taste too. I have however, found it to be a little too pricey to continue taking long-term, but will will probably purchase every so often...

Customer: Ange   21 Jul 2012

Customer rating:

I've just starting drinking Liver detox tea and I'm very happy with the results. After a cup of Liver detox I feel that my digestive system feels refreshed and functions at optimum levels.

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