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Liver Detox Tea

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Good Ingredients Approved
Organic Product (Certified)
Palm Oil Free
GMO Free
Child Friendly
Heavy Metals Tested
Dairy Free
Artificial Colour Free
Artificial Flavour Free
Artificial Sweetener Free
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Artemis Liver Detox Tea is traditional plant medicine to support the liver to work efficiently and effectively. It supports normal cholesterol levels, helps with bowel irregularities and sluggishness.  A well-functioning liver is essential for good health. Take Artemis Liver Detox Tea as an everyday ritual for good health and vitality.
  • No documented herb-drug interactions within the recommended dosage
  • Contraindications: over-sensitivity to any ingredients
  • Check ingredients for known allergies or over-sensitivity
  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs
  • No restriction on long term use
  • Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women


Use 1 heaped tsp (1g) per cup (150ml) and infuse with boiling water for 5-10 minutes. The Liver Detox Tea will taste bitter at first. In fact, the more bitter you find it the more you need it! Persevere because as your liver health improves, so will the taste.

Acute 1-2 Weeks: 1 cup, up to 3x daily
Upkeep: 1 cup, 1x daily

4-10 Years:
Acute 1-2 Weeks: 50-100ml, up to 3x daily
Upkeep: 50-100ml, 1x daily

1-4 Years:
Acute 1-2 Weeks: 20-40ml, up to 3x daily
Upkeep: 20-40ml, 1x daily

6-12 Months:
Acute 1-2 Weeks: 10ml, 3x daily
Upkeep: 10ml, 1x daily

Acute 1-2 Weeks: 5ml, 3x daily
Upkeep: 5ml, 1x daily

For best results: Take your first cup before breakfast. If taking additional cups throughout the day, take these before main meals. Combine with Kidney Cleanse Tea for full detoxification support. Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your health professional.

Special Instructions: Shake contents before opening. For children, make an adult dose and extract the required mls. Do not microwave. To avoid external contamination close can immediately after use. Keep away from heat and moisture. Store in fridge in hot and humid climates.

Fennel seed (Foeniculum vulgare)
St Mary’s Thistle (Silybum marianum)
Globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus)
Peppermint (Mentha piperita)
Calendula (Calendula officinalis)
Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale)
Filled by weight and contents may settle after filling. 30g = 30 cups. 
Does not contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours, preservatives, gluten, wheat or dairy.
GE Free
  • Supports an efficient and effective liver
  • Supports normal cholesterol
  • Vegan

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11-07-2020 20:44:35
My favourite!
11-07-2020 20:44:35
I cannot start the day without this tea! I never thought I would be one to trade in my morning coffee for a herbal tea, but I just love the way this tea makes me feel every morning. At first I thought the taste was shocking, and very bitter. But stick with it! I am used to it now and the taste doesn't bother me at all, I love the way my body feels when I drink it, so it's worth it to me. I'm going to be buying this tea long term for sure!

19-05-2020 14:04:58
Quality product
19-05-2020 14:04:58
Love.this tea, wouldnt be without it.

19-12-2019 17:54:07
Excellent Tea
19-12-2019 17:54:07
Love this tea. I drink this daily every morning before breakfast - at first it was very bitter/bile tasting but after a couple of months continuous use I enjoy the taste and nowhere near as bitter. This tea along with a reduction in coffee and alcohol has greatly improved a congested liver!

17-09-2019 13:59:50
Liver detox
17-09-2019 13:59:50
Excellent herbal tea work well ..wouldn\'t be without it

Steve Key
13-09-2019 18:30:15
13-09-2019 18:30:15
Excellent product, that despite its initial taste when l first started using it, has helped me through persistent use to clear up my skin problems(Psoriasis) over the past few years,

22-06-2019 18:30:19
Detox Tea
22-06-2019 18:30:19
Really enjoying this tea - the taste gets less bitter the more you drink it. Liver is happy.

R chapman
30-05-2019 18:30:13
Too bitter
30-05-2019 18:30:13
I havent come across a tea i cant drink, but unfortunately the bitter taste of this one i haven\'t been able to overcome. Admittedly only managed 3 cups, but discarded the rest.

21-05-2019 18:30:05
Love this tea!!
21-05-2019 18:30:05
Started this tea about 6 months ago and must recommend to everyone who would like to feel energized and healthy all day.\nI have a cup in the morning, or more than one, if I\'m feeling a little seedy after too many wines the night before!! The bitter taste has completely gone now, and I put the old leaves in my garden and even my plants are looking better...great value!!

09-02-2019 18:35:03
09-02-2019 18:35:03
This tea has been amazing! I have noticed that it has also helped with period cramps which has been a big bonus!
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