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Weight Management

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Weight Management

Product Reviews

  • Suppresses hunger

    These tablets have helped me to suppress hunger and helps me get through the day with only three meals. I am hoping to loose weight and so far have lost 7kg slowly over 3 months. I think it would come off faster if I was able to exercise. With the last two containers of these tablets I have had one capsule in each broken/crushed, which is disappointing. But I will continue to use.




    I would not recommend these to anyone! All they do is make me do a million s#!ts a day, literally! They give me so much gas and they make me feel bloated all the time.. Yeah they made me feel fuller faster whilst eating but like two hours later I'd be staaaarving again. I actually will not be buying these ever again. Sorry but it's the truth. Thumbs up to those who they actually worked for, wish I could say the same.



  • Other Health Benefits Made

    Week 3 of taking GC: no notable weight-loss yet - I haven't changed my exercise or eating habits. However, it has definitely helped my blood-glucose level to settle = consistent energy levels (i.e. no afternoon energy dip & snack-free between meals). I also eat less at meals. A big plus is that my blood pressure (BP) has dropped by 10 points - both diastolic & systolic! So, I'm going to keep taking GC & monitor my BP & weight - I'll post again later.



Wellness Blog

  • 3 Surprising Tips for Weight Management using Herbs

    Our weight. It’s something that we all think about at some stage in our lives. And for many of us, weight is something that we struggle to manage. So, why is managing weight so hard? […]

  • Why we fall prey to emotional eating, and what we can do about it

    Emotional eating is a known roadblock to weight loss, and can leave people feeling helpless about their response to stress and emotions. There are many reasons, both biological and psychological, why we turn to foods […]

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