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Anti-Flamme Cream

It is often sad that New Zealand is a true sporting nation, and our love of rugby, cricket and netball in particular are undeniable. Unfortunately, with sport often comes injury, with soft tissue injuries such as bruises, sprains and strains being particularly commonplace on the sporting field. HealthPost carries a range of topical anti-inflammatory gels and rubs.

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Anti-Flamme Info

As more and more people turn back to nature for the ingredients in their skincare products, those used in first aid settings are often overlooked. Many commercial muscle and sports rub products contain ingredients that can be harmful to our overall health, and many are petroleum based.

Thankfully there are a number of companies producing safe products that are just as effective, utilizing botanicals such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and arnica, without the chemical burden. Natural options to consider contain herbs such as arnica, St John’s Wort, calendula, and oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus or clove to help support the body’s healing response. Many of these ingredients can be found in the products included in HealthPost’s selection of topical muscle rubs, to assist the response to inflammation, pain and injury, allowing you to get back on the field even faster.

Product Reviews

  • Heal Bruises Fast


    I love this product! Easy to use, smell and texture tolerable. Most importantly it does what it say.



  • Great Natural Healer


    Anti-Flamme is fantastic and it is so refreshing finding a lovely smelling natural product that will sooth and heal sore muscles. It is my go to when I need some muscle relief.



  • Parabens may cause cancer!


    The only thing that puts me off this product is the parabens. Take those out and it would be more beneficial.



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