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Hygiene & Sanitary

Product Reviews

  • Best yet!


    I have a medium flow, not too heavy but not super light the first few days either. Didn't need any extra pads or anything this past flow - amazing! I've tried 2 other brands and had leakage if it didn't slot in perfectly.. this one goes in and if you can't feel it, you know you've got it in right and there's no leakage. So happy about the safe protection and no more sanitary pads and tampon wastage!



  • A bit of getting used to, but worth the effort


    I have to say my first couple of goes I felt it was quite an intrusive contraption, but as I did A LOT of research prior purchasing I did feel I was prepared to carry on. And I'm glad I did. I used it for my second cycle not long ago and the initial feelings of intrusiveness and "what if I can't get it out??????" were long gone. It's a breeze to use, comfy and much cleaner.
    Just research it before you purchase to know what you're in for. It's different to what you're used to, but different isn't necessarily bad. There are YouTube videos (not graphic ones!!!) about how to use it and the "not commonly discussed problems" that people encounter. All that will help make your decision.
    Excellent product. Well worth the cost.



  • Absolutly love it!


    I finally took the plunge and brought one of these and after three cycles of using it I can honestly say that I will never go back to my old ways again.
    The first cycle I did spend a lot of time in the toilet getting used to it. I ended up having to trim the stem a bit but since then it has been a very positive experiance and worth taking a cycle or two to learn to master.
    Very happy i brought it, just wish i brought it years earlier!



Wellness Blog

  • Organic or conventional – What you need to know about mainstream feminine products

    Most women turn to mainstream tampons or sanitary pads during their monthly periods. Conventional wisdom (and, let’s face it, convenience) tells us that these are our only two options – it’s easy to either order […]

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