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Red Seal Toothpaste

Red Seal is a New Zealand natural health brand that has been providing Kiwis with affordable, natural health products and supplements since 1923. Their range of natural toothpastes cover a range of needs, and HealthPost carries the full selection.
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Red Seal Toothpaste Info

Toothpaste is a product that virtually every person in the country uses, and one where both taste and purpose collide, making it difficult to find a product that ticks both boxes – particularly when trying to source a toothpaste free from many of the potentially toxic ingredients found in mainstream products.

Some of the biggest chemicals that consumers wish to avoid in seeking out a natural toothpaste and oral care product are fluoride, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate, and triclosan. Red Seal’s range of natural toothpastes provide options free from all of the above, with natural plant extracts and minerals to provide effective cleaning and support strong, healthy teeth.

Smoker’s toothpaste has an extra strength minty flavour to support fresh breath for those who smoke, baking soda may support whitening, and the natural kids toothpaste gives a safe option for parents concerned about what may be in mainstream products. Lemon, propolis and herbal varieties are available, ensuring a product for every taste and need.

Product Reviews

  • Pleased we found this product


    Excellent product and most certainly works well to help keep our gums nice and healthy and clean. Love the flavour also.

    Neal & Wendy


  • no more mouth ulcers!


    If you get bad mouth ulcers, read this!!

    I always had horrendous mouth ulcers, I'd get a huge one at least once a month that would last for at least two weeks and this lasted well into my 20s. Tried all sorts of solutions - supplements, mouth gels etc, nothing worked. Turned out it was the SLS in all regular toothpastes that was causing them. I switched to this one and haven't had an ulcer since, it's been over a year now! There has been a couple of times I haven't been able to get it so switched to regular toothpaste, and both times developed large ulcers quite quickly before switching back!! I should probably write to Red Seal and let them know this, because I see they have SLS in one of their antibacterial toothpastes that is meant to help with mouth ulcers D: If I tried using that (or anyone else with this same condition tried it) I'd just end up with mouth ulcers again!

    I prefer this Lemon flavor to the 'Natural' flavoured sls-free one, the other one is too strong and stings my mouth, it's suuuuper minty. This is much better for me personally because it's more subtle and I love the lemony taste ^_^

    Best toothpaste ever :)



  • It helps gums!


    Here's an amazing thing. I bought this toothpaste at a supermarket only because it was on sale. Then I noticed something...
    My (receding) gums were improving. Thanks to google, I now know why! Propolis is amazing for gums and is now part of my regular tooth maintenance.

    I'm moving to Australia but will continue to buy this product from Healthpost.



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