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Weleda Mother and Baby Specials

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Product Reviews

  • Best Bottom Cream Around


    I have 5 kids and this is the best bum cream I have used. I have now with all my tribe brought many many tubes.
    I put it in all my friends and family's baby shower pack too. Recommend highly! Thanks Weleda for making it :)



  • Glorious!


    I recently had skin graft surgery on some burns I received after my kettle exploded hot water onto my chest and stomach. While burns are painful, the areas on my back and outer thighs where they took skin from to cover them, are excruciating. Seeing as this cream is the only moisturiser I use on my allergy-prone face without causing further irritation, I naturally thought of using this cream on my skin donor sites, which at >3 weeks post op, were still very raw, angry, needing to be bandaged up 24/7 and really sore. Within 4 days of applying this cream 2x a day, the dressings were no longer necessary as the skin had healed over and were no longer painful to touch. After a week, the redness was starting to fade and the skin looked really healthy. I've just started to use it on my grafts over my burns (with surgeons blessing) and already the redness is starting to abate and the skin looks and feels well moisturised, which is often not the case with grafts I hear.

    Long story short; This cream is amazing. It is thick and initially mildly greasy but that goes away after a few mins, once it has had a chance to sink in. It helps keep normal skin healthy and moisturised and is a godsend for skin that is prone to dermatitis, eczema, irritation and even surgical donor sites and newly grafted burns. I will never go without it, it's a flippin' miracle in a tube!!



  • A special time of day


    After bathing my baby from newborn, I've always massaged her with this oil. She has beautiful skin which I think may otherwise be prone to dryness (she's extremely fair) so I credit this oil with making it soft and lovely, plus she smells so slightly delicious afterwards :) Perhaps most importantly it's a special moment with lots of eye contact, I shake the bottle and say "rubby rub time", warm it gently between my hands and already at 3 months she's so excited. Have just ordered my second bottle (used about 2/3 of a bottle so far in 3.5 months).



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