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Product Reviews

  • This is a miracle cream


    I use this cream for RSI from computer work. Recently I was in extreme pain from straining my bicep and arm muscles from lifting heavy buckets to feed the calves. Within 3 days I went from constant spasms to pain free!
    I'm now buying some to use on my horse for overly tight leg tendons and I'm excited to see how it helps him.



  • Neuropathy & bruises


    I bought this at the Auckland shop, but wanted to share with the online buyer.
    I have neuropathy in my feet & hands, which, when it is severe, has kept me sleepless at times. Miraculously, this cream stops the pain!!!
    It also works beautifully as a bruise cream - I have thin skin & when I bump or scratch it, it comes up in ugly red welts. If I apply the cream straight away & frequently, it really minimises the damage.
    I highly recommend this product.



  • Started working in minutes!


    I have tendonitus and boney growths on my heels, I'm doing a lot of walking these days and its extremely painful. I brought this product yesterday, it arrived today. This is the least pain I've felt in a long time, I'm so happy. Thanks!



Wellness Blog

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    Most people experience joint pain to varying degrees at some point in their lives. This is completely normal considering the everyday wear and tear that we put our joints through. Yet, when this pain becomes […]

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