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Oral Hygiene Specials

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Product Reviews

  • Brilliant stuff for sore throats.


    I am not sure this was actually made for sore throats but it is the only thing I use when I have one. It is instant relief. Quite thick so it sticks to the back of the throat. With the last flu that had a really sore throat issue, I ran out, NOTHING came close to this. I take it with me everywhere, including when I travel. Lovely taste (unlike some of the other natural throat sprays).



  • Superb toohpaste


    My family only uses PhytoShield toothpaste as it doesn't have toxic ingredients in, as fluoride, SLS, chemical preservatives etc, it is loaded with essential oils and doesn't sting your mouth during brushing, like most big brand toohpastes do.
    To add extra minerals sprinkle twice a week a bit of celtic sea salt on the toothbrush before brushing, and once a week a bit of bicarbonate of soda for a mild whitening effect. Combined with oil pulling detox, leaves my teeth clean, healthy and cavity free.



  • Great toothpaste


    Tastes minty and fresh, leaves teeth feeling clean.



Wellness Blog

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    From a ground-breaking 30 year microbiology research project lead by Professor John Tagg at New Zealand’s University of Otago, the world’s first oral probiotic supplements have been developed to specifically promote and maintain a healthy […]

  • Old School Dentistry: Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

    When it comes to the history of our species’ dental care, there have been many different approaches tested and tried by people the world over. For thousands of years we have been experimenting, trial and […]

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