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Product Reviews

  • It works for me


    My desk job involves working with 2 computer screens daily. My eyes are sore and red most days. Have tried various products but find Crystal Vision really works. I could feel the difference within the first week. My eyes don't feel like they have been strained and tired and they were not so sensitive to light. I have just reordered and received my next bottle. Healthpost makes ordering so easy and delivery is quick. Thanks Healthpost!



  • Does as it says on the bottle


    I'm a full-time working mum, whose 18 month old wakes a lot. Sleep deprivation is not fun when you have to focus at the office. I hate relying on too much coffee so I take several drops of these in the morning on the way out the door. I find they really perk me up, reduce groggy sleepy feeling, and revive me ready for the day ahead. If a 3pm slump hits I take them again. Highly recommend



  • First product ever that has helped with sleep issues


    I have had insomnia literally for decades and have tried a lot of different products to try to alleviate this. I had actually given up and was just tolerating life with an average of 4 - 6 hours of very broken sleep per night. However, I have been using Blackmores Valerian Forte for about six weeks now, and have noticed a *very* significant difference to my sleep patterns. As long as I take the capsule about an hour before wanting to sleep, I can go right through with only one or two brief surfacings - not the hours and hours of staring at the ceiling that I used to have. Highly, highly recommended!!



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