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Product Reviews

  • It works


    This is my first review ever. I was having between 5 and 15 hot flushes daily, I started to take this and also Natures Sunshine Vitamin E Complete with Selenium and within a couple of days I had no more flushes. When I ordered it I wasn't sure it would work but it has been amazing for me, I would recommend trying it.



  • A Saviour for anyone suffering CFS/Adrenal fatigue/Fybromyolgia etc


    I'd been diagnosed with Chronic Fatique Syndrome. I was at my wits end with pain, insomnia, fatique and total exhaustion. My nervous system was shot. I lost appetite and so on...
    Doctors wanted to put me on medication that had side effects that would only contribute to my already debilitating symptoms.
    My Osteopath recommended this product. Within days I felt more calm, incress in energy, 'perked up' and the body throbbing and rapid heart beat slowing easing. This combined with 5 HTP set me on to a challenging road of recovery. Its been a Godsend! so grateful to this product, highly recommend!



  • Outstanding for ciruclation, digestion and prevention of cold and winter ills and chills, I take it every day.


    Cayenne Pepper is most helpful for assisting sluggish digestion, as it promotes the production of digestive juices.
    is very helpful also for prevention of colds and winter ills and chills. Highly recommended.



Wellness Blog

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    No one likes feeling sick. During the winter months colds can spread through workplaces and schools and into the family home. Even more sinister is influenza – the flu – a contagious virus that infects […]

  • Bitter Plants – why we love them and why you need them

    Historically, bitter foods have been a part of every culinary tradition. In the West, our love of processed foods has meant that bitter foods have largely been exiled from our menus.  Our taste for sweet […]

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