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Iron Supplements

Iron is our most abundant essential trace mineral, necessary to most life forms on the planet. We need iron as the central component of our oxygen-transporting haemoglobin molecules.

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Iron Info

Iron is our most abundant essential trace mineral, necessary to most life forms on the planet. We need iron as the central component of our oxygen-transporting haemoglobin molecules. Iron anaemia, when haemoglobin-containing red blood cell production declines, causes pallor, weakness, poor immunity and fatigue.

Iron deficiency is more common in pregnant or heavily menstruating women, female athletes, teenagers experiencing a growth spurt and the elderly.

Studies show that around 40% of New Zealand women of childbearing age are iron deficient. Iron-deficient mothers are more likely to produce infants who are susceptible to iron deficiency.

Iron Benefits

Iron is an important micronutrient in energy production, protein metabolism and immune system health.

Fatigue, irritability, recurring infections, shortness of breath, headaches, chest pain and heavy menstrual bleeding can all indicate dietary iron deficiency. Cognitive impairment, developmental delay and hair loss can result if iron deficiency is not addressed.

Iron Side Effects

Poorly absorbed iron supplements can cause headaches, constipation and digestive discomfort due to residual iron the body is trying to excrete. High doses can cause organ toxicity and free radical damage to tissues. Take at least 2 hours away from medications. Contraindicated in cases of hemochromatosis. Keep your supplements well out of reach of curious children. Iron supplements are a leading cause of accidental poisonings in young children (USA), who find containers and swallow the contents.

Product Reviews

  • Love it

    I take this every day (two when I've got my period) I find it really helps my energy levels.
    Been taking for a couple of years with no side effects.



  • Not completely adequate

    I thought I'd write a review with some specific feedback that may help others similar to me, so here goes! I have suffered from low iron levels for about 8 years. I have 2 children. I have gone through stages of supplementing with 'conventional' iron tablets/liquid to bring it up, but the level of iron stores only got up to about 56. At my lowest I was 16. I had a blood test about 3 months ago and iron stores were at 34. I supplemented with Spatone (1 sachet in the morning with juice before breakfast), and continued eating red meat etc. Recently I got the levels re-tested and they had dropped to 25. Obviously one sachet a day was not enough to help start building up my iron stores! Maybe if I had taken 2 sachets a day (though a little costly at $1 a sachet), it might have made more of a difference, but I don't think it would have made my iron stores go up a long way. My iron deficiency is caused by menorrhagia. So I have decided to pay the $200 and get an iron infusion next week to get my iron stores up to ideally 150. Then after 2 wks I'm going to give 'Gentle Iron' (Solgar product) a go to see if that will maintain my iron at a healthy level. It has a different form of iron that's non-constipating and easy to absorb (also available on Healthpost). I will be giving the rest of my spatone sachets to my kids, as I think they will really benefit from them. Getting back to a healthy iron level is so important as it affects so many things in your body if it is deficient!



  • excellent

    can't live without it



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