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Silica Supplements

Silica is one of the vital trace minerals required by your body. It is an important component for cell structure in all body tissues. Having low levels of silica in the body could inhibit the absorption of calcium and magnesium in your body, which could affect bone health. Adding Silica natural supplements to your diet may assist the body in many ways.

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Silica Benefits

Silica is derived from several food sources such as dark leafy vegetables, strawberries, avocados and also wheat, rice and oats. Silica is also known as the beauty mineral and could give your hair, skin and nails an advantage. Silica helps by stimulating the production of collagen and connective tissues that not only strengthen bone, but may also improve the condition of your hair, nails and skin.

Seeking advice from your health professional may be a good idea to see if a silica supplement could work for you.

Product Reviews

  • A Goddesses Secret Concoction

    I've been using this for under a month now but more and I have seen significant results. Make sure to shake before every use and place in the fridge, I would take only a tablespoon after breakfast straight but lately have been using more like an extra tablespoon diluted on a glass of water and have used almost half of the bottle(which shouldn't happen you only need a tablespoon or less? well 10ml) my Hair, Skin and (toe and finger)Nails have been considerably softer and stronger especially my nails, although I have been doing coconut oil soaks once a week for my hair and using almond oil for my skin they are only adding to Swisses benefits. I would purchase this again but it's slightly expensive.



  • Works well

    I brought this product mainly for the connective tissue, joint and bone support. I have found my skin and hair are softer and my nails are stronger. Jury is still out on whether it helps with joint and ligament health but I am very impressed with this product. Purchasing my second packet now.



  • Love it

    So good to try something that finally works with very obvious results!
    Cleared up my skin in a matter of days, nails notably stronger and hair seemed stronger and shiner. My hair is generally very weak and falls out but i have noticed a dramatic change since using these. Will be purchasing again. Thanks HealthPost :)



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  • Make every day a great hair day with silica!

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