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Silica Supplements

Silica is one of the vital trace minerals required by your body. It is an important component for cell structure in all body tissues. Having low levels of silica in the body could inhibit the absorption of calcium and magnesium in your body, which could affect bone health. Adding Silica natural supplements to your diet may assist the body in many ways.

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Silica Benefits

Silica is derived from several food sources such as dark leafy vegetables, strawberries, avocados and also wheat, rice and oats. Silica is also known as the beauty mineral and could give your hair, skin and nails an advantage. Silica helps by stimulating the production of collagen and connective tissues that not only strengthen bone, but may also improve the condition of your hair, nails and skin.

Seeking advice from your health professional may be a good idea to see if a silica supplement could work for you.

Product Reviews

  • good skin stabiliser

    Having suffered with acne most of my life I thought this may help. Definitely good for stopping big spots and keeping things calmer on my body. I still have small spots but for first time in years my body acne has reduced considerably. Not all gone but good result and with summer approaching the air and sun will fix the rest. Love Thompson products as consistently good and active ingredients.



  • Really good hair, skin and nails product!

    I've been taking this for about six months (sometimes on and off however) and I find it keeps my hair, skin and nails in check and it is a great generic hair skin and nail supplement. It gives my hair great shine, curl and length and has improved the length and strength of my nails (my nails still split however). It also assists with keeping my skin clear (however I also take DIM, Evening Primrose oil and Milk Thistle extract and I give these more credit to keeping my acne in check).

    I see the best effects with this product when I take it in combination with Bionalance Marine Collagen (which you can also purchase off health

    Do beware if you are taking other multivitamins or supplements as to how high your vitamin A intake is as this product does contain a signicant amount Vitamin A. Too much of this vitamin can have damaging effects on the body.



  • Not sure

    Hair becoming very thin and falling out. Hairdresser recommended a three to four month course, so I don't know whether it's working or not.



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  • Make every day a great hair day with silica!

    Are you having a bit of a bad hair day? Are your curly locks starting to lose their lustre? Or perhaps it is your skin or fingernails that are in need of a bit of […]

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