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Nature's Sunshine

Nature’s Sunshine believes that “natural health and wellness can change lives”. When company founder Gene Hughes was plagued with an irritable stomach problem, someone suggested taking cayenne powder to help. Although it offered respite for his condition, it was difficult and unpleasant to take the herb by the spoonful, until his wife Kristine suggested putting the powder into a capsule. From this idea, sprung the legacy of Nature’s Sunshine. They now offer natural supplements that are based on nature and backed by science.
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Nature's Sunshine

From daily essential vitamins to natural weight management solutions, Nature’s Sunshine allows you to choose from a full range of natural health supplements.

Nature’s Sunshine Red Yeast Rice is a popular choice for cholesterol balance support and you may find that Nature's Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll is a great way to drink your greens!

Nature's Sunshine LBS II has helped many HealthPost product reviewers keep their digestive system in top shape.

Product Reviews

  • awesome product

    amazing herbs and product I was going threw alot of stress and I had a instant calming come over me I love these so much I feel so great expecially going threw stressing times great for anxiety as well definitely recommend



  • excellent product

    I have found by taking this supplement I am no longer tired.



  • It is a great product and gets a 10 from me

    Master Gland Formula was magic to my body, I have only 1/2 a pituarity and a thyroid that only works on tablets, I was getting tired easily and grumpy, Master Gland Formula changed all that I am back to my old self so yes I definitely recommend this product



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