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Nature's Sunshine

Nature’s Sunshine believes that “natural health and wellness can change lives”. When company founder Gene Hughes was plagued with an irritable stomach problem, someone suggested taking cayenne powder to help. Although it offered respite for his condition, it was difficult and unpleasant to take the herb by the spoonful, until his wife Kristine suggested putting the powder into a capsule. From this idea, sprung the legacy of Nature’s Sunshine. They now offer natural supplements that are based on nature and backed by science.
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Nature's Sunshine

From daily essential vitamins to natural weight management solutions, Nature’s Sunshine allows you to choose from a full range of natural health supplements.

Nature’s Sunshine Red Yeast Rice is a popular choice for cholesterol balance support and you may find that Nature's Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll is a great way to drink your greens!

Nature's Sunshine LBS II has helped many HealthPost product reviewers keep their digestive system in top shape.

Product Reviews

  • Para cleanse

    Very good product. Works well. Very expensive. You need to repeat the ten day course and it is out of stock.



  • licorice capsules

    I have suffered from GORD for over 8 years and had been taking omeprazole which did help when taken daily. I read up on the side effects of this drug and wanted to get off it so I started taking licorice root capsules. Two weeks now and my symptoms of GORD have dramatically decreased. I take two in the morning with food and two at night with food. I still get a little reflux with certain spicy foods and wine but hey who doesn't from time to time and at time. I would recommend licorice capsules but it is recommended if you suffer from high blood pressure, diabeties, low potassium and fluid retension then you should take the deglycrrhized licorice (DGL). Read up and give them a try if you want to get off losec etc.



  • Had diminishing eyesight for years, have seen some improvement.

    I have found it very hard to read small to medium sized print, getting worse then staying about the same for years. I have been dependent on glasses to read. I am writing this now and have been reading of my monitor easier since taking Perfect Eyes. I have been taking 1 tablet every morning for about 2 weeks. Maybe it will help even more with time or might work even better if I took 2 every day but want to be careful about not taking too much.



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