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Natural Sunscreen

Sunlight boosts serotonin production, which is our happy hormone and this is how a little ray of sunshine can cheer a chilly day. However, we all know to limit sun exposure in the harshest sunshine hours and to be wary of the damage too much sun can lead to. This is where a gentle natural sunscreen could be used, protecting skin from sunburn, and overexposure without assaulting your body with chemicals.

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Natural Sunscreen Benefits

Natural sunscreens work with minerals and organic compounds that reflect and block the sun’s UV rays from entering the skin, while regular chemical sunscreens absorb into your skin and neutralise sunrays once in the skin. Not only does natural sunscreen contain less irritating ingredients, they are also suitable to use on children and babies. With effective but mild ingredients, natural sunscreen can nourish and soothe the skin at the same time, making it a great addition to your regular personal care routine.

For even more enjoyment in the great outdoors, check out our great range of natural insect repellents.

Product Reviews

  • The perfect sensitive skin sunscreen

    I tried this for my eczema covered child, and I doesn't sting, irritate or otherwise aggrevate. We all use it now and it works even on long days at the beach!



  • Good

    The reason I love this is because it's 100% natural, it's moisturizing and smells good, the active sunscreen being only zinc and non of those other things I can't pronounce. Not quite a 5 as it is pretty hard to spread.



  • Great product all year round, especially since I work outdoors alot, I use this product as a base and apply light foundation over, I am in my 50's. Highly Recommended.

    I use this product all year round, as I am a more mature lady I like to make sure I protect my face from the sun, I found this product stops sunburn , along with sensible use of glasses and hat. I work outdoors alot so it is important to have a reliable product to use. I use a light mineral powder over product as well. It lasts all day and is economical. I put the cream on my fingers first and warm up making it easier to apply to the face and then left overs rubbed into the hands. Highly recommended.



Wellness Blog

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